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June 3, 2022, 2:40 p.m.



Performance Work Statement

Enterprise Essential Engineering
Capabilities Program (E3CP)

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Date QAPC signs QASP.


Description of Services
This Performance-Based Work Statement (PWS) for the Enterprise Essential Engineering
Capability Program (E3CP) Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract and its
subsequent task orders (TOs) will supplement Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) essential
engineering capabilities, to include Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC), Air Force Life Cycle
Management Center (AFLCMC), Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), Air Force Test Center
(AFTC), Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC), Air Force Installation Mission Support
Center (AFIMSC), Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and other DoD agencies. The technology areas
include, but are not limited to, Fixed Wing Aircraft Systems Technology, Rotary Wing Aircraft
Systems Technology, Support Equipment Systems Technology, Facility Operational Systems,
Information/Communication Systems Technology, Materials/Manufacturing Technology,
Armament/Munitions System Technology, Digital Engineering Transformation Technology,
C3I/Network Systems Technology, Depot Maintenance System Technology, Propulsion System
Technology, Automation/Robotics Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Technology, Modeling & Simulation Technology, Sensors System Technology, Directed Energy
System Technology, Space Systems Technology, Missile System Technology, Test & Evaluation
System Technology, Training Systems, Software Systems, Data Science Systems Technology,
Cyber Security/Software Systems and Other DoD Systems Technology. The contractor shall
provide integrity program support (e.g. Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP), Avionics
Integrity Program (AVIP), Mechanical Equipment and Subsystems Integrity Program
(MECSIP)), Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) support, Maintenance Steering Group
(MSG-3) support, data mining/trend identification, structural engineering support,
mechanical/electronic prototype design/development engineering support,
mechanical/electronic/software reverse engineering support, Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)
support, supportability improvement, software development and cyber security support,
technology insertion support, development and sustainment of aircraft tools,
reliability/maintainability support, industrial engineering support, aerospace engineering support,
electrical engineering support, human factors engineering support, test and evaluation support,
maintenance engineering support, modeling, simulation and optimization support, energy
management support, specialized studies support and other AFMC essential engineering
requirements support. The Contractor shall perform studies/analysis/engineering and document
the results in accordance with individual TOs.
requirements that shall apply to the individual TOs placed under the E3CP contract. The
applicability of these requirements and any other specific requirements shall be set forth in each
individual TO. These services include to fully support the fundamental and overarching objective
of providing high-technologically supportable products and services to the warfighter. A
continuing, structured, and systematic approach for essential engineering support is critical to the
AFMC mission and will be affected through this PWS. These services also include to provide
mission essential engineering support capabilities enterprise-wide. TOs shall be used to provide
technically competent, rapidly responding, engineering support for Air Force weapon systems
and platforms. These services provide unbiased, independent, rapid, non-product affiliated
specialized engineering and research services. The Contractor will perform tasks identified to

Objective(s): This Performance Work Statement (PWS) describes the basic services


insert new supportable technologies, products, or processes to improve weapon system
availability and reduce operating costs.

Benefit to United States Air Force (USAF): This acquisition will benefit the United
States Air Force (USAF) by providing specialized engineering and research services required to
solve complex technical warfighter problems. These actions enhance organic capabilities with
technically competent, rapidly responding resources. This effort will enable mission success by
providing supportable technologies, products, testing, or processes to improve weapon system
availability and reduce operating costs.

Background: A strategic reserve of technical expertise and engineering presence is
invaluable to the AFMC requirements community, engineering workforce, and the programs
they support. Without this assistance to accomplish the aforementioned tasks, the war fighter’s
mission would be gravely impacted. As an outcome of the stand-up of the five-center construct,
the majority of the engineering division positions were eliminated or realigned to specific
individual offices within AFLCMC and AFSC. Whereas these services were previously available
to all stakeholders, they now reside in specific programs and are not generally accessible to other
organizations with AFMC. In addition, availability of essential engineering skills is limited. This
environment has reinforced the need for a technically competent, rapidly responsive
supplemental workforce with knowledge of existing military weapon systems and platforms in
close proximity to Air Force installations whenever necessary. The source(s) must be capable of
providing timely, integrated engineering solutions to difficult technical challenges. The
operational environment cannot currently accommodate required schedules for the development
of an alternative engineering capability when a problem develops. Therefore it is essential to
maintain this engineering capability with AFMC installations for continuity, dependability, and
follow-on work, because a loss of this rapid response capability to warfighter requirements will
adversely impact the Air Force mission.
E3CP General Information: The E3CP shall be executed on a TO basis with each TO
containing task specific requirements, a definite period of performance, certified funding, and
deliverable parameters.

If there is a conflict between the IDIQ PWS and the TOs PWS, the IDIQ PWS shall take
precedence. To request a conflict to be reviewed and considered for approval of the TOs PWS to
take precedence, the conflict will be identified and a consideration request email will be
submitted to the AFSC/PZIE workflow box ( to determine
FAR 37.101. It is therefore, understood and agreed that:

Non-personal Services: This contract is a “non-personal services contract” as defined in

a. The Contractor shall perform the services specified herein as an independent

Contractor, not as employees of the Government.

b. The Contractor shall manage and administer the work required and bear sole
responsibility for complying with any and all technical, schedule, or financial
requirements or constraints attendant to the performance of this contract.


c. The Contractor shall be free from supervision or control by any Government

employee with respect to the manner or method of performance of the services

d. The Contractor shall comply with the terms and conditions of the basic contract and

each TO.

Services Summary

Performance Objective

Performance Threshold

Quality of CDRL

Receipt of CDRL


Promptly Provide
Accurate Quarterly Status


Contractor personnel

Security Requirements

Establish and Maintain
Service Contract
Reporting (SCR)


There shall be no more than one rejection of any
deliverable. There shall be no more than two total
rejection(s) of deliverables per contract year. The
Government will reject a deliverable if one or more
technical errors or two or more minor errors are
found within the deliverable. The rejected
deliverable shall be corrected and resubmitted within
five business days of notification of Government
There shall be no more than two late submission(s)
of deliverables per contract year. The Contractor
shall notify the Government if the delivery of any
data/document will not meet the scheduled delivery
date and negotiate a revised delivery date. The
data/document shall be delivered by the revised
delivery date acceptable to the Government.
Data submissions shall be timely, accurate and
comprehensive with no more than one (1) data
submission received late during each contract year,
and no late submissions in consecutive quarters. No
report shall be received later than five (5) business
days after its scheduled submission date. Any
mandatory rewrites shall be due within five (5)
business days after the Government’s identification
of error(s).
Contractor/subcontractor personnel shall meet, at a
minimum, the qualifications identified in the TO
All security requirements met 100% of the time at
the order level.
Within 30 calendar days of contract/order award, the
Contractor shall establish a record for the
contract/order in System for Award Management
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