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March 1, 2023
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B760 Electrical Repair Industry Day

Title of Event: 377 MSG/CE B760 Electrical Repair Industry Day
Audience: Members of the DoD and Industry Representatives
When: 6 March 2023, 0900-1200
Where: Kirtland Air Force Base Building 20202 Contracting Conference Room, Building 760 and Microsoft

Abstract: The USAF 377 MSG/PKC cordially invites interested vendors to an Industry Day for future
requirement, B760 Electrical Repair, on Monday, 06 March 2023.

The objective of this effort is to install a new Government Furnished 2500kVA transformer on a new pad and
refeed from an existing switch. This effort also includes design, furnishing and installation of a new Main
Distribution Panel along with new underground conduit that feeds into the new 2500 kVA Transformer. There
will also be design, furnish and install of a new service-entrance and feeder/branch-circuit wiring.

Please see the attached Draft Statement of Work (SOW) and Sources Sought for additional information.

Industry Day Goals:
To ensure synergy between DoD and Industry representatives.
Incorporate Industry comments into the acquisition development process.
Communicate DoD Remote Access requirements.
Gain a better understanding of recent Industry developments, such as lead time impacts.

0900-0915: Meet at Contracting, Building 20202, and caravan to Building 760.
0915-1015: Site Visit at Building 760.
1015-1030: Caravan back to Contracting, Building 20202.
1030-1200: Meet at Contracting Conference Room/Microsoft Teams to discuss requirement and receive
input/questions from contractors for the purposes of Market Research to address any requirement

Primary Points of Contact:
377 MSG/PK (Contracting):
(Contracting Officer) TSgt Kelly McGrath, 377 MSG/PKC,, 505-846-3707
(Contract Specialist) Ms. Stacey Lee, 377 MSG/PKC,, 505-846-4502

Base Access:
Kirtland AFB is not an open base and attendees must have a valid ID or contractor pass to access the base. All
Contractors interested in attending, please email the points of contact (POC) listed above no later than COB
Thursday, 02 March 2023, with the names and contact information of the representatives wishing to attend so
that we can create an Entry Authority List (EAL). Please limit number of attendees to two (2) per organization.
Please include the representatives name as it appears on their drivers license (exactly), and their
drivers license number and full date of birth. For 100% accuracy, you can scan/email us a picture of
the individuals Real ID to ensure the representative can attend the Site Visit/Industry Day (this is
highly recommended). It should be noted that for the 1030-1200 portion of the Industry Day we will be
offering a virtual means of attending via Microsoft Teams should interested parties be unable to attend in
person. However, for the Site Visit portion we are unable to provide a virtual option for attendance.