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Attachment R(2) - Fort Benning FFS Industry Day Vender Site Visit Staffing Example Slides (1 March 23).pdf

Posted: March 11, 2023 • Type: .pdf • Size: 1.6MB


industry day vendor site visit staffing example slides for Fort Benning FFS. It provides detailed information on staffing examples for different facility sizes, such as a 1300-man and a 2600-man facility. The document includes staffing matrices for various positions like cooks, servers, admin, shift leads, and managers during different meal times.

It outlines specific responsibilities and coverage throughout the day, including mandatory breaks, shift changeovers, and challenges with part-time employees. The document also highlights the need for a hiring plan from contractors to address management challenges with part-time employees like servers. Additionally, it emphasizes the presence of management for oversight and coverage in various areas within the facility as required.

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