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Contract Opportunity
Jan. 17, 2023



Job Order Contract (JOC) Q&A
Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division (NSWC PHD) Industry Day Questions & Answers
Note: Answers to these questions are for informational purposes only and are subject to change. All information prior to the release of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is considered to be non-binding. The Government is bound only by the
information that will be contained in the RFP and its amendments.

Does the installation have a designated Asbestos and Lead Program


Naval Base Ventura County has a program manager for lead and asbestos; each building has a lead and asbestos report which will be provided in RFP for
each task order; the reports were compiled between 2010-2015.

2 What happens when hazmat/hazwaste is encountered?

Small construction that involves hazmat/hazwaste is not "CAT-X able."
What happens then: 1) Abatement to enable project completion, or 2) Redo
NEPA at an EA level?

4 Is award based on coefficient or best value?

5 Is construction oversight by NAVSEA or NAVFAC?

6 What is the self-performance percentage requirement?

7 Is bonding required for projects $250k and above?
8 What are the award criteria?
9 Will the Powerpoint slides be available?
10 Will RS Means be updated?
11 Will the price escalation clause be used?
12 What is the timeline from the scope meeting to the time of award?

What if we are unable to complete? It should go to the next awardee. This
shouldn't be a single award.

Government will identify the hazwaste in the construction area via the lead and asbestos reports and include the proper abatement in task order scope if
necessary. If unidentified hazwaste is encountered in the construction area and requires disturbance of the hazwaste to complete the requirements in the
task order then an RFI should be submitted so that the task order may be modified to properly abate all disturbed hazwaste in the construction area.

The CATEX may include hazwaste. An EA will not be required for any task order requested.

Best value is a continuum in accordance with FAR 15.101. The Government is anticipating to utilize the tradeoff process in accordance with FAR 15.101-
1. See the "What is Important" slide from Industry Day for reference to possible evaluation factors.
Construction to be overseen by NAVSEA.
If this is in regards to limitations on subcontracting, " for a contract or order assigned a NAICS code for general construction, the concern will not pay
more than 85 percent of the amount paid by the Government for contract performance, excluding the cost of materials, to subcontractors that are not
similarly situated entities. Any work that a similarly situated entity further subcontracts will count towards the concern's 85 percent subcontract amount
that cannot be exceeded." See FAR 19.505(b)(1)(iii).
For TO's $150K and above see FAR 28.102-3(a) and FAR 52.228-15 and for TO's $35K-$150K see FAR 28.102-3(b).
The solicitation will include the award criteria, and instructions for submitting proposals; for award bases see answer to question #4.
Yes; the slides will be made available on
RS MEANS will be updated quarterly; task order itemized costs will be based on the quarter of task order submission.
No, markups including price escalation should be captured in the contractor's proposed coefficient.
Subject to the Government's discretion, approximately 90 days is the estimated time between scope meeting and award.

The Government is anticipating to award to a single vendor based on the expected magnitude and complexity of the potential contract.

14 Are there particular criteria for a joint venture?

Offorers will need to provide joint venture agreement with proposal; all team members should be included. The solicitation will provide further details.

15 Will the security requirements be similar to NAVFAC?
16 Will there be site approvals, similarly to NAVFAC?
17 Is this the first JOC?
18 Do we need bond per task?
19 Do we need coefficient factor per year or one for entire 5 years?

Security requirments will be similar to NAVFAC but not identical.
Yes, site approvals will be obtained prior to construction start date.
Yes, this is NSWC PHD's first anticipated JOC.
Refer to question #7.
One coefficient factor shall be provided for all 5 years. The coeffieicnt factor will not be permitted to change over the course of the contract.

Do we need QC, Safety, Superintendent per task order or One qualified
person can cover all three duties?
Does contractor require to furnish one or more license of means book ( E 4
click ) program for governmnet? if yes, how many?

One person can act as QC, Safety, Superintendent as long as they are qualified; must follow EM385.

No, government will have access to the latest RS MEANS edition for each task order.