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19 AF Industry Day 1 QA 24 Feb21 Government Responses.xlsx

Posted: March 17, 2021 • Type: .xlsx • Size: 0.04MB


compilation of Q&A sessions from the 19 AF Industry Day and pre-Industry Day held on February 24, 2021. The key takeaways include information on the timeline for the acquisition process, the duration of performance for initiatives, the posting of RFIs on, the request for ROMs in RFI responses, the potential approach to contracting (OTA), and details on training requirements such as FAA certification for military IPs and the duration of training programs.

Additionally, it addresses questions regarding foreign contractors bidding, contract award dates, contract coverage for UPT/ENJJPT bases, cost volume requirements in RFI responses, and the possibility of one-on-one sessions. The document also covers details on specific RFIs like CUPT-ME, including aircraft simulation, solo requirements, dual unqualified pilots in aircraft, prop and jet airframes, location of operation determination by contractors, TSRA learning objectives, maintenance of concurrency between aircraft and training devices, evaluation of students for checkrides, and use of XPW syllabus as a template by industry.

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