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Contract Opportunity
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Nov. 11, 2022, 1:37 p.m.
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SOW As diagrammed on drawing sheets; Repairs, restorations, and upgrades to return building and site to postal operations after the December 2021 tornado had damaged the facility, which includes (but not limited to): Remove and replace all damaged site railings, flagpole and base, ground mounted HVAC equipment, site lighting poles and bases, historic entry lighting fixtures Repair landscaping, Add concrete pads for aprons an, truck pads, and accessible parking, Mill, re-surface, and re-stripe paving, Add exterior wall mounted area lighting, Repair exterior masonry and historical limestone ornaments, Clean and re-seal exterior masonry Rebuilding of roof structures, Add roof drains and leaders as noted, Remove remnant of exterior windows and replace with new windows to match historic windows, Add security films to glazing as noted, Remove all loose equipment, supplies, and debris from interior, Salvage for re-installation all displaced P.O. boxes, Coordinate with Postmaster items to be salvaged, Remove loose flooring and carpets, Remove suspended plaster ceiling as noted, Repair and protect historical plaster and plaster ornaments in Lobbies, Provide additional demolition of walls, ceilings, and items as noted on plans, Clean and repair all plaster surface scheduled remain, Remove all HVAC, Electrical, and plumbing fixtures, equipment, and accessories as noted, Remove retail casework, Add new construction as noted to reconfigure as noted on plans, Repair, Replace, and add doors and frames as noted, Provide new HVAC equipment, ducts, controls, and diffusers, Provide new electrical service, conduits, receptacle, occupancy sensors, and lighting fixtures, Provide new plumbing fixtures and restroom accessories, Provide new retail and breakroom casework, Provide new floor finishes and new wall finishes Reconfigure P.O. boxes to new layout, Add fire alarm system as noted, All work shall be in accordance with applicable codes and local regulations that may apply. In case of conflict in or between the Contract Documents and a governing code or ordinance, the more stringent standard shall apply.