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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services (SIN 541370GIS)



Geographic Information Services (GIS) provided in support of environmental program include: cultural resource GIS (CRGIS); groundwater monitoring; growth forecast modeling; habitat conservation plans; habitat modeling; image analysis support for emergency response; mapping, cartography, and mashups (e.g., combining data from more than one source into a single integrated tool to include aerial mapping); migration pattern analysis; natural resource planning; remote sensing for environmental studies; terrestrial, marine, and/or atmospheric measuring/management; vegetation mapping; and watershed characterization for mitigation planning. NOTE: The services offered under this scope shall NOT include surveying and mapping services as set forth in FAR Part 36, and defined under the Brooks Act of 1972 (Public Law 92-582, 40 U.S. 1102 et seq.).
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Technical and Engineering Services (Non IT)
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Long-term government-wide contract that enables commercial firms to provide federal, state and local governments access to more than 11 million comercial products at volume discount pricing


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