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OASIS+ Solicitation Released (Analysis)

Justin Siken
Solicitation Strategy Defense Civilian
GSA has released the final OASIS+ MAC solicitation, consolidating and expanding several important vehicles

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General Services Administration Releases Final OASIS+ Solicitation 

The General Services Administration (GSA) has released the final solicitations for the unrestricted, small business, 8(a), WOSB, SDVOSB, and HUBZone One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services Plus (OASIS+) multiple agency contract (MAC). The OASIS+ MAC is the successor to the successful OASIS vehicle awarded in 2014.

Similar to the original OASIS, the goal of OASIS+ is to provide government agencies easy and efficient access to innovative services from highly qualified businesses.  GSA has designed OASIS+ to consolidate several other vehicles and create a more expansive and flexible offering.  

Key Details of OASIS+

  • Period of Performance: 10 Years
  • Number of Awardees: No limit 
  • Ceiling: Unlimited
  • Evaluation Method: Scorecard-based with credits from a combination of project experience and corporate certifications
  • On-Ramps:  GSA's goal for OASIS+ is to hold frequent on-ramping (unlike the limited on-ramping that occurred under OASIS)
  • Domains:  8 total domains (see below)
  • Minimum Awards: Awardees will be required to achieve $250k within the first five years to remain on the vehicle

Current Timeline of OASIS+ Solicitation

  • June 15th: Final Solicitation released 
  • June 19th:  Q&A is available to industry and contractors can update company Assets (projects, business factors, team members)
  • June 26th: Contactors can begin to build their proposal and see live scoring
  • July 6th: Q&A closes
  • July 15th: Price proposals can be built, and offers can be submitted
  • September 13th: OASIS+ response deadline
  • Mid-Fiscal Year 2024: OASIS+ Awards to be made
  • September 2024: Original OASIS contract ends

OASIS+ Solicitation Schedule and Contract Families

GSA does not consider OASIS+ a direct follow-on to OASIS because it includes a wider range of services. OASIS+ will combine some offerings currently available under the OASIS, Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO), and Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) vehicles and include additional new offerings.  Companies can qualify for multiple domains based on their self-scoring submissions.  
OASIS+ includes services in the following domains. 

  1. Technical and Engineering (OASIS)
  2. Management and Advisory (OASIS)
  3. Intelligence (Expanded Scope)
  4. Research & Development (OASIS)
  5. Enterprise Solutions (Expanded scope)
  6. Facilities (BMO)
  7. Environmental (Expanded Scope)
  8. Logistics (OASIS)

GSA has also proposed additional domains to be added to OASIS+ as part of a phase 2:

  1. Financial Services (OASIS)
  2. Business Administration (Expanded Scope)
  3. Human Capital (HCaTS)
  4. Marketing & PR (Expanded Scope)
  5. Social Services (Expanded Scope)

OASIS+ will have six different contract families including:

  1. Unrestricted
  2. Total Small Business
  3. 8(a) Small Business
  4. HUBZone Small Business
  5. Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
  6. Women-Owned Small Business

Under OASIS+ agencies will first select a contract family and then the domain within that family that meets their requirements.  Each domain has a list of available NAICS within it.


OASIS+ Likely to Become Second Largest Federal Contract Vehicle

Looking at the current OASIS, Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO), and Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) vehicles, the amount awarded each year has grown significantly, reaching $12 billion in government fiscal year 2022. More than 700 contractors were awarded more than $1 million in awards under a combination of these vehicles in 2022.

Over the last three years, OASIS was the third largest multi-award vehicle by dollars obligated behind only GSA's Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and NASA's Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurement V (SEWP V). Given the rapid increase in awards under OASIS and the expanded scope of OASIS+, OASIS+ may become the second largest government contracting vehicle, behind only MAS.

OASIS + HCaTS + BMO Award History

OASIS Predecessory Vehicles AwardsHigherGov Analysis. Disclosed through June 15, 2023.  Full data analysis is available to subscribers here.

Likely Largest Agencies and NAICS Under OASIS+

While the scope of OASIS+ has expanded, we expect the agencies and types of work that are released through the vehicle to remain similar, at least in the short term.  The below tables show the 10 agencies that used the consolidating vehicles most and the 10 NAICS most used on the consolidating vehicles over the past three years.  

OASIS + HCaTS + BMO Largest Agencies Past 3 Years

Agency Obligations ($M) Percent
Department of the Air Force [DoD] $13,576 35.9%
Department of the Army [DoD] $9,947 26.3%
Department of the Navy [DoD] $3,548 9.4%
Defense Threat Reduction Agency [DoD] $825 2.2%
Customs and Border Protection [DHS] $735 1.9%
Coast Guard [DHS] $652 1.7%
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency [DHS] $619 1.6%
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [HHS] $502 1.3%
Defense Health Agency [DoD] $483 1.3%
Washington Offices [USAID] $454 1.2%

OASIS + HCaTS + BMO Largest NAICS Past 3 Years

NAICS Obligations ($M) Percent
541330 - Engineering Services $24,012 63.4%
541712 - Research And Development In The Physical, Engineering, And Life Sciences (Except Biotechnology) $11,278 29.8%
541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services $674 1.8%
541219 - Other Accounting Services $631 1.7%
561210 - Facilities Support Services $470 1.2%
611430 - Professional and Management Development Training $394 1.0%
541715 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Nanotechnology and Biotechnology) $227 0.6%
541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services $59 0.2%
541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services $49 0.1%
541211 - Offices of Certified Public Accountants $42 0.1%

Subcontracting Opportunities on OASIS+

For many contractors, whether or not they obtain a seat on OASIS+ in all of their target domains and vehicle families, developing relationships with prime awardees under multiple OASIS+ families and domains may be even more critical to long-term success through the vehicle given its significant subcontracting goals. These subcontracting goals include:

  • Small Business: 50%
  • Small Disadvantaged Business: 7%
  • Woman-Owned Small Business: 7%
  • HUBZone: 3%
  • Veteran Owned Small Business: 3%
  • Service-Disabled Owned Small Business: 3%

This high level of subcontracting was seen on the previous predecessor vehicles as well, with approximately $35.1 billion subcontracted out of a total of $58.2 billion in prime awards over their lives to-date.

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Justin Siken
Justin is the founder of HigherGov and specializes in government contracting and grant strategy, data, and market intelligence.