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Navy Requests Information Technology Engineering Support Services (ITESS)

Justin Siken
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The Military Sealift Command has issued an RFI for a potential new Information Technology Engineering Support Services (MSC ITESS) contract

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Navy Seeks Information Technology Engineering Support Services (ITESS)

The Military Sealift Command has issued a request for information (RFI) regarding a potential new Information Technology Engineering Support Services (ITESS) contract.  Submissions are due June 21st.  

The RFI is aimed at finding prospective contractor(s) to assist the command in delivering and maintaining Department of Defense and Navy compliant technical solutions to fulfill new mandates. These solutions will also need to meet emerging cybersecurity mandates and ensure continuous life cycle support for deployed systems.

Responsibilities under Potential ITESS Contract

Under the potential contract, responsibilities would include transforming IT System requirements into comprehensive engineering system requirements, plans, and design specifications. Additionally, the contractor would provide crucial program engineering staffing and manage the integration of innovation through modernization and transformation into effective, suitable, and secure system designs.

Potential task areas include:

  1. Program Management Support Services
  2. MSC C4 Engineering Lab (MCEL) Support Services
  3. Cybersecurity Support Services
  4. Change Management (CM) Support Services
  5. MSC Service, Validation, and Testing (SV&T) Support Services
  6. Enterprise Architecture (EA) Support Services
  7. Systems Engineering Support Service
  8. In-Service Engineering Activity (ISEA) Support Services

Information Technology Engineering Support Services (ITESS) Market Analysis

The RFI does not mention a dollar value or any previous related contracts. However, in the past three years, CACI and Sentient Digital have been the primary contractors for the Military Sealift Command under the Computer Systems Design Services NAICS code. Sentient Digital currently holds an ongoing $49 million ceiling ITESS IDV with MSC until 2024, while CACI has an ongoing $170 million task order for business systems with MSC through the end of 2023.

An analysis of likely respondents based on historical performance is available below.

Top MSC Contractors by Prior 3-Year Obligations (Select NAICS)

Top Military Sealift Command ContractorsHigherGov Analysis


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