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JFL Consulting Awarded $37M Contract for Naval Time System Upgrade

Anna Davis
Contract Award Defense

The NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk announced it has awarded a contract for the design, delivery, installation, and maintenance of an Internet Protocol (IP) and Radio Frequency (RF) transport system to JFL Consulting worth $36.92 million over 18 months. The award notice is available here: N0018924C0007.

This contract encompasses a comprehensive requirement to design, deliver, install, and maintain an IP and RF transport system at the United States Naval Observatory (USNO) to disseminate Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) data products. The system is crucial for uninterrupted PTTI dissemination across four subsystems: two in Washington, DC (one classified and one unclassified), and two in Colorado Springs, CO (also one classified and one unclassified). The system includes routers, switches, monitoring toolkits, digis, and distribution hardware essential for the transport of IP and RF signals. 

This project highlights the critical role of the USNO in providing the time standard and disseminating this standard to all Department of Defense (DoD) systems under specific instructions as the accurate dissemination of time-based on a timing standard is vital for navigation systems globally. This project further aims to ensure that new systems implemented meet all timing requirements without service interruption by leveraging IP and RF transport subject matter services with specialized experience in timing and time dissemination methods.  

Additional details on the contract are available in the original solicitation here.  

This full & open contract is a major win for 8(a) contractor JFL Consulting and builds on prior sole-source 8(a) awards with the UNSO including a $6.9 million contract for network overhauling and a $4.5 million contract for other network requirements.  

Additional contract details will be available on HigherGov within 30 to 90 days once the contract is formally disclosed by the government.

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