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C5ISR Gateway to Sustainment (G2S) Awarded

Justin Siken

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has announced nine awardees for the $3.2 billion C5ISR Gateway to Sustainment (G2S) IDIQ contract

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The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has announced nine awardees for the long-awaited $3.2 billion 10-year C5ISR Gateway to Sustainment (G2S) IDIQ contract.  The awardees are Amentum Services Inc., Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), Centuria Corp., STS International Inc., L3 Technologies Inc., Micro USA Inc., Atlantic Diving Supply Inc., Fairwinds Technologies LLC, and Telecommunications Systems Inc.

Gateway to Sustainment (G2S) is designed to encompass a wide range of command, control, computers, communications, cyber, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C5ISR) supplies and services aimed at enhancing the capabilities and readiness of Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM).  The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Department of Defense (DoD), and federal civilian agencies will also have access to the vehicle, though CECOM is expected to be the primary recipient. 

The goal of G2S is to condense disjointed ordering under various existing C5ISR contract vehicles to a single vehicle and increase CECOM's rapid acquisition capability, increase advance planning, and promote contractor and government cooperation/collaboration.   Awardees are expected to craft sustainment solution sets for systems in various stages of their lifecycle, to include hardware, software, engineering, obsolescence responsibilities, performance based logistics (PBL), and depot partnering.

The scope of the G2S contract includes the following Program Support Categories:

  1. Standard Equipment (NSN Assigned)
  2. Non-Standard Equipment (MCN Assigned)
  3. Test & Evaluation
  4. Repair
  5. Upgrades / Ancillary Engineering Services / Design Changes
  6. Engineering Studies and Analysis / Industrial Capability Analysis
  7. System or Item Specific Obsolescence Monitoring, Reporting & Mitigation
  8. Facilitation of Hybrid Organic / Contractor Support
  9. Field Service Representatives (FSR)

The IDIQ is structured as five year base contract with five one-year option periods.  Contracts under the vehicle will be completed both inside and outside the continental United States.  Awarded contractors are required to subcontract at least 40% of their total awarded order dollar value to small businesses throughout the life of the vehicle and the government may also set aside contracts of less than $250,000 specifically for the small business prime awardees under G2S (Atlantic Diving Supply, STS International, Fairwinds Technology, and Centuria Corp).  

The formal solicitation process for G2S began in July 2021 with an anticipated award date of December 2021, however the solicitation experienced numerous delays.  A total of 16 contractors responded to the solicitation.

Full contract details will be available on HigherGov once disclosed in approximately 90 days.

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Justin Siken
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