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Army Announces IMCS IV Awardees

Justin Siken
Contract Award Defense Technology
Army NETCOM has selected 29 small businesses for the $900 million Information Management Communications Services (IMCS) IV IDIQ

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Army Announces IMCS IV Awardees

The Army has announced 29 small business awardees for the $900 million Information Management Communications Services IV IDIQ. This is the fourth version of the IDIQ that supports the Army's Network Enterprise Command in operating and defending the Army's information technology networks. Virtually all applicants to the IDIQ received an award out of 31 total bids.

As of the industry day in December 2020, an award for IMCS IV was expected by December 2021, but it was repeatedly delayed after the bid submissions in April 2021.

Scope of IMCS IV

Under the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) Information Management Communication Services (IMCS) IV awardees will provide:

  1. Telecommunications Support for C4IM (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management) Unified Capabilities
  2. Information Technology Services (ITS)
  3. Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Network Management
  4. Inside/Outside Plant (to include Tier I and II support)

In addition, awardees will provide parts, supplies, tools, and vehicles to operate and maintain Network Enterprise Center (NEC) classified and unclassified communication system initiatives and support efforts including Army modernization, Army directives and initiatives, emerging technologies, network enhancements, technology refresh, and organization restructuring.

The acquisition anticipates supporting 103 installations for NETCOM. 

Prior Iteration of IMCS Vehicle

The prior iteration of IMCS had 19 initial awardees, with 9 of those contractors splitting 76 task orders worth up to $719.0 million, with $544.8 million obligated to-date out of a total ceiling of $850 million. 

GC&E, GSTek, Strategic Resources, A&T Systems, and Cordev have each had more than 10% obligation market share on the vehicle. All of these awardees except for Strategic Resources (which may have exceeded the $37.0 million size threshold of NAICS 541513) have received awards on the new vehicle.

As with the prior version of the vehicle, awardees of IMCS IV who fail to win task orders may be off-ramped from the IDIQ, creating a tight window for new awardees to win new work or displace the incumbents.

IMCS III Obligation Trends

IMCS III AwardsHigherGov Analysis

Full List of IMCS IV Awardees

  1. A&T Systems
  2. Advanced IT Concepts
  3. Advanced Systems Development Inc.
  4. Ascendant Services
  5. AttainX
  6. Bowhead Total Enterprise Solutions
  7. Business Enabled Acquisition and Technology
  8. Chartis Consulting
  9. Chugach Technical Solutions
  10. Cordev
  11. Enterprise Solutions and Management Corp.
  12. Full Spectrum Operations LLC
  13. Futron Inc
  14. GC&E Federal
  15. GStek
  16. Information Management Group
  17. Information Systems Solution Inc.
  18. KaiHonua
  19. Leader Communications Inc
  20. Link Solutions Inc
  21. MilVets System Technology
  22. Nova Dine
  23. Oneida Technical Solutions
  24. OSC Edge
  25. People Technology and Process
  26. Systems Integration Modeling and Solutions Inc.
  27. Thunder Ridge Solutions
  28. Vision Information Technology Consultants LLC
  29. Zantech IT Services

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