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Air Force Awards $1B TETRAS II Contract

Justin Siken
Contract Award Defense Technology
The Air Force Test Center has awarded the $1B TETRAS II contract to 46 awardees for specialized tech development, supporting DoD test systems and facilities for 5th and 6th generation weapons and cyber systems.

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Air Force Awards $1B TETRAS II Contract

The Air Force Test Center has announced 46 winners (jump to Awardees) of the $1 billion Test & Evaluation Technologies for Ranges, Armaments & Spectrum (TETRAS) II IDIQ. TETRAS II will support the ongoing mission of the test community to develop and integrate highly specialized technologies required to meet DoD test user systems under test and facilities needs for Developmental Test (DT) and Operational Test (OT) capabilities.

The IDIQ is a follow-on to the $1 billion TETRAS IDIQ awarded to 14 companies in 2017. All contractors that won task orders under the prior IDIQ also won seats under TETRAS II. 49 offers for the solicitation that closed in September 2022 were received.

TETRAS II Objectives

The primary objective of TETRAS II is to provide the 96th Range Group and other Department of Defense customers with the capability to meet the need to urgently develop and modify T&E systems and facilities and to support mandatory radio frequency (RF) spectrum transition plans as the test community employs technologies to ensure the performance of 5th generation weapons and cyber systems and begins the process of validating and transitioning to 6th generation technologies.

Task areas under TETRAS II include:

  1. Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Cybersecurity, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C5ISR)
  2. Munitions/Armaments (current and future)
  3. Electronic Combat/Threats/Cyber
  4. Spectrum Improvements/Relocation/Access

Additional information about the objectives of the contract is available in the Pre-Proposal conference slides.  

Original TETRAS Contract and Task Orders

The original TETRAS contract has generated more than 96 task orders worth up to $731 million to date. A handful of companies led by Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation have dominated the vehicle.

TETRAS has generated several $50+ million tasks including Autonomous and Automated Weapon System Design (A2WSD), Mid-Pressure Arc Heater (MPAH) Power Supply, Cyber Threat Acquisition for Test & Evaluation (C-TATE), RNRE Prototype & Development II, Threat Systems Management Office Operational Test & Evaluation, and Program Executive Office Aviation (PEO AVN) Experiment, many of which will remain ongoing for several more years.

TETRAS I Award Market Share

TETRAS Obligations By YearHigherGov Analysis.  See more analysis of the TETRAS IDIQ here.  Dollar figures are based on amounts obligated to date, the total potential value of contracts is greater. 

TETRAS II Awardees

A complete list of the TETRAS II awardees is provided in the table below:

Awardee Award ID
Advanced Strategic Insight Inc. FA248723DA048
AEgis Aerospace Inc. FA248723DA042
AI Signal Research Inc. FA248723DA023
Alion Science and Technology Corp. FA248723DA034
Altagrove LLC FA248723DA010
Applied Research Associates Inc. FA248723DA016
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. FA248723DA017
Calspan Corp. FA248723DA047
CFD Research Corp. FA248723DA013
Colsa Corp. FA248723DA031
Cummings Aerospace Inc. FA248723DA006
Decibel Research Inc. FA248723DA007
Dynetics Inc. (Leidos) FA248723DA025
EH Group Inc. FA248723DA045
FAAC Inc. FA248723DA033
Flight Test & Mechanical Solutions Inc. FA248723DA050
GaN Corp. FA248723DA011
Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp. FA248723DA024
IERUS Technologies Inc. FA248723DA020
Integration Innovation Inc. FA248723DA039
Intuitive Research and Technology Corp. FA248723DA018
Jacobs Technology Inc. FA248723DA035
Kratos Technology & Training Solutions Inc. FA248723DA019
Laulima Systems LLC FA248723DA029
LinQuest Corp. FA248723D-A030
Millennium Space Systems Inc. FA248723DA009
Modern Technology Solutions Inc. FA248723DA012
Nou Systems Inc. FA248723DA040
Oaklea Simpson Security LLC FA248723DA008
PeopleTec Inc. FA2487-23DA037
Radiance Technologies Inc. FA248723DA003
Raven Defense Corp. FA248723-DA005
Rogue Industries LLC FA248723DA028
Saab Inc. FA248723DA015
Serco Inc. FA248723DA036
Signalink Inc. FA248723DA038
Solutions Through Innovative Technologies Inc. FA248723DA032
Solytics LLC FA248723DA021
Strategos Consulting LLC FA248723DA004
Technology Security Associates Inc. FA248723DA026
Templar LLC FA248723DA041
Torch Technologies Inc. FA248723DA043
Trident Research LLC FA248723DA014
Wavelink Inc. FA248723DA022
Yulista Integrated Solutions LLC FA248723DA044

Additional details on TETRAS II will be available in HigherGov in 90 days once full award details are formally disclosed.  

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