USCG - Rescue 21

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USCG - Rescue 21
Command, Control & Communications system that improves mission execution in coastal zone. Essential to meet Search & Rescue program goals. Results improved response to distress calls & better coordination & interoperability with OGAs & first responders.
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Major IT Investments
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The R21 Return on Investment (ROI) was determined by a Cost Analysis dtd March 2005; the cost analysis demonstrated a ROI of 3.05 and a payback period of 13 years. In determining the ROI, the R21 Key Decision Point (KDP) 1 was completed in Jul 1995 and authorized entry into the program s Concept and Technology Demonstration phase under the authority of DOT. In Aug 1999, KDP2 authorized the program to proceed into the Capability Development and Demonstration phase. In Aug 2001, the Coast Guard awarded three R21 Phase I contracts to competing contractors to develop proposed system designs. The Phase I proposals were reviewed in late 2001 and the Phase II production contract RFP was issued in Feb 2002. Following a formal source selection process, the USCG s Source Selection Official (SSO) awarded the R21 Phase II production contract to General Dynamics C4 Systems in Sep 2002. In Jul 2005, DHS authorized the R21 program to proceed into the Production and Deployment phase and full rate production subsequently commenced in Sep 2005. Internal Benefits: R21 is used to tailor CG response (including coordinating with local first responders and federal coordinators), significantly reducing response time to mariners in distress. The R21 system enhances the CG s ability to detect & respond to distress calls in the coastal zone, which directly benefits the U.S. public s marine safety & saves lives. Benefits also include system disaster recovery capabilities that have supported coordination in numerous federals regional response and remediation efforts by providing a critical communication backbone in the disaster regions. For example, the R21 system provided a communication system that supported efforts to re-open ports in NY and NJ after hurricane Sandy. External Benefits of the R21 system: Provides capabilities to help ensure the successful outcome of Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. By 2022, R21 has been used in more than 120K SAR cases. Advanced DF which more accuratelyidentifies the location of callers with lines of bearing to the VHF radio transmission source which reduces response time & search area; Continuous, enhanced VHF-FM marine radio coverage out to 20 nautical miles from shore; improved ability to identify suspected hoax calls; Increases the number of voice channels; Digital voice recording w/ immediate playback; Timely flow of info between CG & other stakeholders. The R21 investment is slated to reach the breakeven point in 2018.



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