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RD-Commercial Loans, Grants & Guarantees (CLGG)

Investment ID: 005-000003415


Program Title
RD-Commercial Loans, Grants & Guarantees (CLGG)
CLGG represents the core business mission functions related to loan, grant, and guaranteed life cycle processes for multi-family housing, community facilities, business programs, utilities including broadband from intake to servicing to disposition.
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Major IT Investments
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Investment Detail

The CLGG investment is comprised of over two dozen information systems and applications, which together represents the core technology enabling, performing, and fulfilling over 40 mission critical RD Rural Housing Service (RHS), Rural Utilities Service (RUS), and Rural Business-Cooperative Service (RBCS) commercial loan, guarantee, and grant programs. These programs include the Multi-Family Housing (MFH), Community Facilities (CF), Business and Industry (B&I), and Reconnect Broadband, Electric, Water and Environmental (WEP), Telecommunications, and Energy utility related programs and the services these programs provide to rural America. Without the CLGG investment, RD RHS, RUS, and RBCS would not be able to function, operate its programs, deliver its services, help create jobs and businesses, and fuel the economies of rural communities across the United States. Without the CLGG IT investment, RD would not be able to fulfill its mission and implement its loan and grant programs and provide a common loan intake, notification, and award process that will scale across program areas.. CLGG's life cycle quantitative ROI is dependent on the cumulative life cycle benefits including the economic benefits of RD's 40+ mission critical commercial oriented RD programs. The life cycle benefits of these programs on creating and saving jobs, growing and sustaining businesses, and fueling the economies of rural communities across the U.S. is incalculable. (Last update/review 08/25/2022)

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