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CMS Medicare Beneficiary Enrollment Data Management Cloud

Investment ID: 009-000445597


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CMS Medicare Beneficiary Enrollment Data Management Cloud
This investment funds the operations, maintenance and modernization of the Medicare Enrollment and Premium Billing Systems (MEPBS). MEPBS is a portfolio of mission critical application systems and services for CMS that manage Medicare Beneficiary Demographics, Part A and B Entitlement, Enrollment and Premium Collection, Third Party Billing, and Low Income Subsidy. This investment also funds cloud hosting and associated tools so that the MEPBS can operate in the AWS environment.
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Major IT Investments
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This is a mission critical investment that funds the Medicare Beneficiary Database Suite of Systems (MBDSS), the Enrollment Database (EDB), and Third Party Systems (TPS), The systems included in this investment reflect the individual's Medicare health insurance coverage and Medicare health plan and demonstration enrollment. The MBDSS is the CMS source for beneficiary data related to Part D. MBDSS data and services are critical to all CMS components, including a tight coupling with other CMS mission critical systems such as those that compute plan payments and those that support the Medicare Part D program. MBD data is relied upon by other agencies such as the states, Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) and Social Security Administration (SSA), many federal oversight and law enforcement agencies, and hundreds of research projects sponsored by both federal and private research institutions. The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) legislation significantly expanded the role of the MBD, as well as adding significant changes to the size and functions of the system. The EDB is the authoritative source of Medicare Part A/B eligibility and entitlement information for 133 million beneficiaries with an annual enrollment of 2.8 million beneficiaries. The Enrollment system manages the data for each Medicare enrollee. The Billing Systems maintain billing/collection data for beneficiaries who pay their own premiums or have premiums paid by a third party. EDB manages the Common Medicare Environment (CME) demographic tables. EDB data/services are CMS mission critical, including a tight partnership with other CMS mission critical systems--Medicare Beneficiary Database and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug System (MBD and MARx). CMS has developed a one user interface for the user for a single view of Medicare data for eligibility, enrollment, demographic data, premium billing, casework analysis, and problem resolution. The goal of ELMO is to replace Beneficiary Enrollment Retrieval System (BERT), Enrollment Retrieval New Interactive Edit (ERNIE), Lockbox Bank Remittance Systems (LBRS), Medicare Easy Pay System (MEPS), and Distributed Index for Rejected Transaction (DIRT), and Medicare Beneficiary Database (MBD) User Interface (UI). The benefits of ELMO, include discontinued use of obsolete software platforms (Model 204, MBD GUI platform); use of common infrastructure to expose mainframe based business and data services for web based user interfaces and web services for business partners; and compliance with CMS three zone architecture.

MEPBS is currently undergoing extensive efforts to progressively modernize and migrate Legacy MEPBS applications to a modern cloud based architecture with minimal or no risk to business operations. This migration supports OITs goal to Lead IT Modernization that protects our Infrastructure. Extensive analysis was conducted and it was determined that modernizing the system and migrating to the cloud would effectively address supportability challenges. Additionally, cost savings is anticipated to be realized with the ability to scale the system in the cloud to meet peak demands while not having to invest in additional capital assets. The migration from Baltimore Data Center (BDC) to AWS is anticipated to result in significant cost reduction to both the MEPBS maintainer and CMS datacenter. Finally, migrating to the cloud environment is expected to support a robust disaster recovery capability.

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