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CMS EQRS (ESRD Quality Reporting System)

Investment ID: 009-000457783


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CMS EQRS (ESRD Quality Reporting System)
EQRS refers to the suite of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Systems and all related interfaces, architectures, databases, technical requirements, design, development, and business requirements.
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Major IT Investments
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Not Applicable

Investment Detail

This investment is a legislatively mandated quality program where participating providers submit data to CMS. CMS uses this data to assist consumers in making more informed decisions about their health care and improve the quality of care within the targeted care settings. Through supporting legislation, CMS can make positive and negative adjustments to payment rates based on approved quality measures. ROI for this quality program is routinely calculated by the Agencies Actuarial services team as part of the budgetary process supporting this program. This is done to ensure this program investment aligns to the Agency and Departmental goals to improve healthcare and health at a lower cost, i.e. value based care . The IT services are a subset of the overall program budget and are necessary to support the goals of the program. The underlying IT infrastructure and services supporting this program are undergoing a modernization. This modernization will involve migrating to the cloud, and open source products. This program has also incorporated human center design to reduce complexity and consumer burden. The adoption of an API first approach will promote interoperability between systems and reduce replication of large data stores. The adoption of Agile development methodologies allows IT to improve time to market/deliver value sooner. The efficiencies created with such initiatives should result in a per unit cost savings e.g. compute and storage that will assist in offsetting the growth of this quality program.

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