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CDC PHIN: National Electronic Disease Surveillance System

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CDC PHIN: National Electronic Disease Surveillance System
A key component of the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System is the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS). NEDSS provides data and information technology (IT) standards, support, and leadership to local, state, and territorial public health departments. These health departments provide CDC with data on nationally notifiable diseases and conditions. NEDSS is used to support: - reportable disease surveillance by improving information sharing between healthcare providers and health departments and between health departments and CDC and - electronic laboratory reporting as part of the Meaningful Use initiative to improve public health disease reporting.
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The NEDSS investment provides several direct and indirect benefits. Directly, the investment funds the identification, investigation, reporting, and submission of notifiable disease data across the US. With this information, decision makers are able to establish policies that reduce the burden of disease in the population. Indirectly, the investment provides funding that allows the states to improve their infrastructure to conduct public health notifiable disease surveillance. Consequently, the investment promotes the adoption of technologies that operationalize standards and best practices in the collection, transport, dissemination, and analysis of public health data throughout the continuum. Currently, the integration between clinic and hospital electronic medical records, and public health surveillance systems is underway, leveraging resources provided by the NEDSS Program to provide context for disease reporting, driving further efficiencies in communications, quality, timeliness, standardization of data, and promotion of evidence based public health action; directly improving the public health community's well-being.

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