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BOR - Multi-Species Conservation Project

Investment ID: 010-000002667


Program Title
BOR - Multi-Species Conservation Project
The program works toward the recovery of species currently listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and reduces the likelihood of additional species listings. Implemented over a 50-year period, the program accommodates current water diversions and power production, and will optimize opportunities for future water and power development by providing ESA compliance through the implementation of a Habitat Conservation Plan. In carrying out its mandate, the MSCP has a need to manage 1) legacy data previously collected in various formats and 2) data collected under the program as part of research and monitoring tasks. This investment covers all aspects of the LCR MSCP data management system including dissemination of results through the program's website. The data management system includes field data collection systems; quality control/quality assurance systems; back-end storage, backup, and archiving systems; analytical tools; and reporting tools. Initiated '19. Water&Power Office.
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