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BOR - CVACS (Central Valley Automated Control System)

Investment ID: 010-000000288


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BOR - CVACS (Central Valley Automated Control System)
CVACS is an industrial control system used to monitor and/or operate water and power facilities of the Central Valley Project, Cachuma Project, Klamath River Basin Project and Lahonton Basin Project. Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) provide telemetry data sourced from select remote locations. This investment was initiated in 1999.
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Investment Detail

CVACS is an integral component to the safe and efficient operation of the Central Valley Project (CVP) and other Regional water projects. In fiscal year 2018 (FY2018) alone:
provided the monitoring and automation necessary to move water (in acre-feet) through the following major water facilities:
New Melones: 552,181; Folsom: 1,356,732; Friant: 743,866; Shasta: 2,275,143; Trinity: 399,196
provided monitoring and automation for the generation of 4,170,059 megawatt hours. This amounted to an estimated FY2018 wholesale value of $169,042,244.
was instrumental in the generation of an additional $3,871,849 in value through its generation scheduling day-ahead transaction optimization functions. The generation scheduling function is also responsible for calculating and tracking ancillary services, which had an additional FY2018 value of $923,364. It should be noted that CVACS is the only known Reclamation ICS that provides day-ahead and marketable reserve spin functionality.
There are also certain CVACS benefits that are difficult to measure.
capable of monitoring facility equipment in split second intervals and adjusting operations based on the conditions presented. Humans simply do not possess the capability to function at the frequency and periodicity that automation is able to provide.
allows for the remote control and management of Reclamation facilities. This is a direct Government staff savings benefit. One example is the approximately 7,796 unit control operations (i.e., start, stop) that CVACS performed in FY2018. Based on approximate drive times and staff costs, CVACS saved the Government an estimated $995,435.00 through its remote unit control capabilities alone. Other CVACS operations, such as outlet tube and gate opening and closing activities, temperature gathering, etc., are not generally tracked but also directly relate to CVACS continued value.

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