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Grant Description
Purpose: Harvest Water will serve up to 50,000 acre-feet per year (AFY) of recycled water produced from the EchoWater Project to approximately 16,000 acres of agricultural and habitat lands in Southern Sacramento County.

The proposed recycled water service area includes portions of unincorporated South Sacramento County and portions of the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). The program proposes to use Title 22 tertiary-treated recycled water produced from Sacramento County Regional Sanitation Districts upgrade to the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP), known as the EchoWater Project, for irrigating agricultural and habitat lands.

The recycled water will be supplied by constructing new recycled water transmission and distribution systems. The proposed facilities include a pump station, 14 miles of recycled water transmission pipelines, and 25 miles of distribution mainlines and service laterals, appurtenant, and facilities. Transmission pipelines and distribution mains would be located on county and city streets and rural roads, primarily within public road rights-of-way (ROW), although distribution mains may also occur on private lands. The service connection laterals would generally be located on private agricultural lands or dirt roads.

Recycled water would be delivered to agricultural and habitat lands. The average annual amount of recycled water delivered to participating irrigation customers and NWR wetlands at program implementation, anticipated for 2025, would be up to 50,000 AFY. Recycled water would be delivered year-round to approximately 16,000 acres of irrigated farmlands for in-lieu use during the irrigation season and wintertime application to support habitat lands during the non-irrigation season.

The program would be designed to provide two-thirds of the maximum monthly agricultural irrigation demand, which, on an annual basis, ranges between approximately 32,500 AFY and 37,000 AFY. During peak demand, the remaining irrigation needs exceeding the amount provided by the program (approximately 9,200 AFY) would be met with existing private wells currently used for irrigation supply.

Activities to be performed:

Objective 1: Contracts for administrative program management
Objective 2: Contracts for environmental documentation and permitting services
Objective 3: Contracts support capital program management services
Objective 4: Contracts to prepare design plans and specifications
Objective 5: Construct infrastructure

Deliverable(s) expected outcome(s):
- Administrative program management
- Office administration and support
- Recycled water utility support
- Landowner and stakeholder outreach and education
- Environmental documentation and environmental permitting support
- Groundwater accounting program
- Groundwater monitoring
- Ecological program technical support and oversight
- Capital program coordination and regulatory strategy and advocacy support

- Environmental consulting services through September 2026 to prepare project-level CEQA and NEPA environmental documentation for program facilities not included in the original 2017 EIR, including associated environmental surveys. The contract also provides environmental permitting services.
- Engineering services through September 2026 associated with program management, project management, and establishing the basis of design for the program's pump station, 14 miles of transmission pipeline, 25 miles of distribution mains, and on-site connections.
- Contract for design of Harvest Water pump station
- Contract for design of Elk Grove transmission pipeline and Franklin Eschinger distribution pipeline projects
- Contract for engineering design services for the Harvest Water Central South distribution pipelines and West distribution pipelines
- Contract for engineering design services for the Harvest Water on-farm connections and assemblies
- Construction of the program facilities through September 2026.

Beneficiary: The public.
Place of Performance
Sacramento, California United States
Geographic Scope
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District was awarded Harvest Water: Recycled Water for Ag & Habitat in Sacramento County Cooperative Agreement R23AC00485 worth $29,935,300 from the Bureau of Reclamation in August 2023. The grant has a duration of 3 years 1 months and was awarded through assistance program 15.504 Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse. $439,551,897 (94.0%) of this Cooperative Agreement was funded by non-federal sources.


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4.0% Complete

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6.0% Federal Funding
94.0% Non-Federal Funding

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Dianne Feinstein
Alejandro Padilla
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