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Application Purpose: KYTC/OTD Application for Statewide Rural Apportionments for FFY22 and FFY23.

The purpose of this application is to secure funding for Kentucky's Rural 5311 FFY 2022 and FFY 2023 (and FFY20 remaining $190,000) funding. This funding will provide support to all of KYTC/OTD Section 5311 agencies so that the subrecipients can carry out the day-to-day activities of providing public transportation to the general public.

Expected Outcomes:
- To provide reliable, safe, and clean service to the general public of Kentucky who do not have adequate transportation.
- For operating RTAP state ADM 15%, intercity operating, Appalachian operating, and Appalachian capital (13) expansion vans.

The Intercity (Scope 634-00):
We certify that the 15% intercity requirement will be met with this grant application. The monetary threshold for the FY22 non-urban formula is $24,181,581 (does not include RTAP nor Appalachian). 15% of FY22 is $3,627,238 for intercity bus. For FY23, the threshold is $24,709,960 (does not include RTAP nor Appalachian). 15% of FY23 is $3,706,494 for intercity bus.

A. All subrecipients will follow the KYTC useful life standards as defined in the KYTC State Management Plan.
B. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will follow all 3rd party procurement policies as defined in C4220.1F (Third Party Contracting Guidance).
C. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will ensure contractors procured will not be on the FTA Suspension and Debarments List.
D. In addition to FTA's Buy America Act, which requires that the steel, iron, and manufactured goods used in an FTA-funded project are produced in the United States (49 U.S.C. 5323(J)(1)), the Build America Buy America Act (BABA) (Public Law 117-58 Div. G 70914(A)) now requires that construction materials used in infrastructure projects are also produced in the United States. Refer to terms and conditions in FTA's Master Agreement Section 15. The BABA requirement applies to this grant in addition to the Buy America Act, except to the extent a waiver of either requirement may apply.

The dollar threshold of the FY2022 $24,181,581 (not including RTAP/Appalachian) programmed is $1,500,000 (6.20%), which is less than the 10% maximum. For FY20, the threshold is $190,000. The FY2023 apportionment $24,519,960 (not including RTAP/Appalachian) programmed is also $1,500,000 (6.07%), which is less than the 10% maximum.

11, 13, 15 new expansion vans useful life 4 years and/or 100,000 miles. New vehicles for expansion in southeastern Kentucky.

Activities Performed:
- State administration for KYTC/OTD staff so that they may continue to oversee, monitor, contract grant compliance, and offer technical assistance to the subrecipients.
- To purchase (13) expansion vans Appalachian capital.
- Secure operating dollars for the Section 5311 agencies.
- Secure RTAP Appalachian operating/capital and intercity operating (15% of apportionment not counting RTAP nor Appalachian funding).

Expected Outcomes:
- Continue rural transit operations and maintain fleets.
- To purchase (13) vans/capital to expand services.
- To provide reliable, safe, and clean service to the general public of Kentucky who do not have adequate transportation.

Intended Beneficiaries:
The general public may continue to access transportation and be able to be transported for various purposes such as healthcare, job, and education.

Subrecipient Activities:
Enable rural transit operators to pay for their drivers, dispatchers, etc. salaries, fuel, insurance, and other operating costs.
Awarding Agency
Place of Performance
Kentucky United States
Geographic Scope
Related Opportunity
Analysis Notes
Infrastructure $54,188,729 (100%) percent this Project Grant was funded by the 2021 Infrastructure Act.
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet was awarded KYTC/OTD Statewide Rural Transit Funding for 5311 Agencies Project Grant KY-2023-007 worth $54,378,729 from the FTA Office of Budget and Policy in May 2023 with work to be completed primarily in Kentucky United States. The grant has a duration of 10 years 10 months and was awarded through assistance program 20.509 Formula Grants for Rural Areas and Tribal Transit Program. $49,547,430 (48.0%) of this Project Grant was funded by non-federal sources.


Last Modified 6/5/23

Period of Performance
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End Date
11.0% Complete

Funding Split
Federal Obligation
Non-Federal Obligation
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52.0% Federal Funding
48.0% Non-Federal Funding

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Mitch McConnell
Rand Paul

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Formula and Bus Grants, Liquidation of Contract Authorization, Federal Transit Administration, Transportation (069-8350) Ground transportation Grants, subsidies, and contributions (41.0) $54,378,729 100%
Modified: 6/5/23