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High average current and high voltage reliable and stable power supplies for high current electron beam sources.
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Salt Lake City, Utah 84115-3516 United States
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Innosys was awarded Project Grant DESC0023581 worth $199,996 from the Office of Science in February 2023 with work to be completed primarily in Salt Lake City Utah United States. The grant has a duration of 9 months and was awarded through assistance program 81.049 Office of Science Financial Assistance Program. The Project Grant was awarded through grant opportunity FY2023 Phase I Release 1.

SBIR Details

Research Type
SBIR Phase I
High average current and high voltage reliable and stable power supplies for high current electron beam sources
Photoinjectors need very high voltage power supplies. There is a need for very high voltage power supplies that can be used for high voltage DC electron guns for accelerator applications. In particular, there are needs for developing a family of high average current and high voltage reliable and stable power supplies for electron beam sources and photoinjectors InnoSys proposes to perform fundamental research and development on cost effective, high average current reliable and stable power supplies for high current electron beam sources for photoinjectors to address this need. To address this problem and opportunity we propose to investigate, design, develop, implement and commercialize fast switching very high voltage direct current power supplies for the photoinjectors that are ultra-stable, highly efficient, provide enhanced flexibility and performance, and are made-in-the-USA. Design, research, develop, implement, characterize and test prototype ultra-stable fast switching very high voltage and current direct current power supplies concepts and implementations and provide a report summarizing the results obtained including for the proof of feasibility prototype to be designed, built, implemented and experimentally performed as part of the Phase I effort for this Department of Energy SBIR. There are a number of commercial, technical, economic, social, and other benefits to the public including reduced energy/power consumption, fundamental advances in science, higher performance and functionality and made-in-the USA power supplies for photocathodes and photoinjectors which can be used in a number of markets, applications and sectors including in industrial, medical, defense and scientific applications, radiotherapy, radar, cargo scanning, industrial processes, food preparation, plasma, particle accelerators, nuclear physics and high energy physics. The public will also greatly benefit from competitive diverse power supplies and controls that continue to drive cost down while increasing USA manufacturing and creating USA jobs.
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100% Complete

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100.0% Federal Funding
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Small Business
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892401 SCIENCE
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Science, Energy Programs, Energy (089-0222) General science and basic research Grants, subsidies, and contributions (41.0) $199,996 100%
Modified: 2/27/23