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Grant Description
1. Award Purpose

The Port of Tacoma Off Dock Container Support Facility project will develop three contiguous parcels totaling 24.5 acres. These parcels are located west of Thorne Road and north of Maxwell Way. The purpose of this project is to support off dock container terminal operations that are currently conducted in limited on dock areas. By consolidating storage and non-waterfront dependent activities, such as empty container and chassis storage, administrative functions, and the preparation of refrigerated containers, the utilization of waterfront space will be maximized.

2. Activities to be Performed

Component 1: Engineering and Design
- Complete final design of project elements
- Activities necessary for completing NEPA and obtaining final permits

Component 2: Off Dock Container Facility Construction
- Single high reefer pre-trip wash facility
- Empty refrigerated containers (reefers) will be washed, inspected, and tested prior to being sent to a customer for use. The system will recycle wash water collected from the washed containers.
- Wheeled reefer valet drop-off: Provides an option for truckers to drop reefers at a designated stall without entering the marine terminal.
- Roadability lanes: Four roadability lanes are provided for truck and chassis inspection prior to exiting the site. Power will be provided for an air compressor. Other light work will be conducted with small rechargeable handheld tools for minor repairs.
- Empty container and chassis storage and repair yard: A Quonset hut-style structure will support significant chassis repairs.
- At-grade rail crossing: The at-grade rail crossing provides access between parcels 85 and 87 at the project site, allowing truckers to avoid using Thorne Road and maintaining roadway capacity for other users. Asphalt pavement will be used for the crossing. Sliding gates will be located at the parcels' boundary.
- Construct truck entry and exit gates on Thorne Road and Maxwell Way with a guard shelter at the Maxwell Way location.
- Off-site improvements, including sidewalks, curb streetlights, street trees, and stormwater infrastructure.

3. Deliverables and Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of this project include increased cargo lifts and average daily truck traffic within economic competitiveness and reduced greenhouse gas emissions within environmental sustainability protection.

4. Intended Beneficiary

The intended beneficiary of this project is the Port of Tacoma.

5. Subrecipient Activities

There are no subrecipient activities specified.
Awarding / Funding Agency
Place of Performance
Tacoma, Washington 98421-3000 United States
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Single Zip Code
Related Opportunity
Port Of Tacoma was awarded Off Dock Container Support Facility Project for Port of Tacoma Project Grant 693JF72245009 worth $15,730,000 from Maritime Administration in May 2023. The grant has a duration of 4 years 8 months and was awarded through assistance program 20.823 Port Infrastructure Development Program. $33,427,970 (68.0%) of this Project Grant was funded by non-federal sources.


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7.0% Complete

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32.0% Federal Funding
68.0% Non-Federal Funding

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Maria Cantwell
Patty Murray
Adam Smith
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