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Purpose/Scope: The purpose of this request is for the construction of a new bioscience research and technology center (40,000 to 60,000 gross square feet) that will serve as the central core for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at Claflin University. The 3-story option will allow for the university to include cybersecurity laboratory and makerspace to the building. When completed, this will put Claflin University in a major competitive position to continue recruiting leading scientists to grow the research enterprise of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; thereby, helping to realize the institution's vision of becoming one of the premier liberal arts institutions in America.

Activities to be performed: Plans are for the new building to be a state-of-the-art science and technology center for recruiting and retaining students. Claflin University is committed to academic excellence and to training STEM graduates to be highly competent and able to compete with students from Research 1 institutions. The new science and technology center will expand the in-house research infrastructure to a cutting-edge level. In addition to producing globally competitive students majoring in the Department of Commerce and NIST program priority areas, this new building will allow faculty to emerge as prominent researchers and scholars.

Expected outcomes: The university strategic plan outlines vision of academic programs with emphasis on 1. Implement STEAM education across the curriculum. 2. Plan and implement a School of Nursing and Public Health. 3. Plan and establish the Center for Social Justice to address pertinent national and international issues as warranted. 4. Accredit all accreditable programs and maintain current affirmations without any recommendations. 5. Plan and implement, select bachelor's and master's programs in line with the needs of the 21st century workforce and to enhance institutional competitiveness and opportunities for students. The university pursues grant programs that expand our efforts in meeting the nation's research needs by launching a biotechnology workforce-training program to address health disparities (Dept. of Labor) and a DNA forensic laboratory (Dept. of Justice), in partnership with the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety. Claflin's academic programs continue to earn national and special recognition including the American Chemical Society (ACS) approval of the Chemistry Department. The CU Chemistry Program is one of only eight institutions of higher education in South Carolina, two of which are private, to earn ACS approval. CU has produced the third largest number of African American undergraduate students in science and mathematics of any HBCU in the state of South Carolina, and the fifth largest number amongst all universities within the state. Claflin University enjoys a particularly strong, award-winning faculty.

Intended beneficiaries: With the already looming shortage of scientists and engineers, HBCUs can play a vital role in overcoming these inevitable challenges. The graduation data show that Claflin University is making great strides in contributing leaders to the STEM workforce. It should also be noted that the six-year graduation rate for the incoming class was 54%. Additionally, since 2001 Claflin University has graduated 294 STEM majors with 49% of those graduates having applied for and been accepted to graduate and professional schools. It should, therefore, be clear that funding this proposal will be an important factor in allowing Claflin to continue to be a foremost contributor to the STEM workforce and the national economic growth.

Subrecipient activities: None.
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Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115-6815 United States
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Related Opportunity
Claflin University was awarded STEM Bioscience Center for Competitive Research Project Grant 60NANB23D146 worth $17,242,830 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in August 2023 with work to be completed primarily in Orangeburg South Carolina United States. The grant has a duration of 5 years and was awarded through assistance program 11.617 Congressionally-Identified Projects.


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19.0% Complete

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100.0% Federal Funding
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Lindsey Graham
Tim Scott

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Construction of Research Facilities, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Commerce (013-0515) Other advancement of commerce Grants, subsidies, and contributions (41.0) $17,242,830 100%
Modified: 8/21/23