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Grant Description
This agreement provides funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). EPA's Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling (SWIFR) grants for political subdivisions of states and territories will fund activities that will result in a significant decrease in the generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) and/or an increase in the diversion of MSW from landfills and incineration, as well as fund innovative solutions and programs that provide or increase access to prevention, reuse, mechanical recycling, anaerobic digestion, and composting.

The purpose of this award is to enhance the City of Providence's efforts to meet the SWIFR grants elements. Specifically, the City of Providence's recycling and food waste infrastructure program will l support infrastructure expansions for food waste diversion for businesses, institutions, and households, paired with technical assistance to support best practices for diversion. Providence will also expand and enhance its municipal recycling collection, with a pilot program for businesses and replacement of curbside totes for the neighborhoods that have the highest contamination of recycling streams. Every household will receive information on the recycling programs and legacy totes will receive updated recycling stream labels.

The activities to be performed by the City are:
- Enhance infrastructure for commercial and institutional food waste diversion
- Expand infrastructure for neighborhood-based composting of residential food waste
- Provide technical assistance for business/institutional settings to support food waste diversion
- Conduct a pilot program for business recycling including municipal infrastructure and technical assistance
- Replace and improve recycling totes targeted at neighborhoods with the lowest recycling rates

Remix Organics is the subawardee under Project 1.1. While Remix Organics is a for-profit entity, the project qualifies as a subaward as the City is not receiving services from Remix Organics, but rather supporting a larger project to expand the capacity for food waste diversion. The City's grant program would support 25-40% of the overall costs of the expansion project, estimated to be $1-2 million. Under the subaward, Remix Organics will be purchasing 4 pieces of equipment to expand capacity:
- A forklift with rotator attachment to transfer food waste
- Two side-loading collection trucks for picking up and transporting food waste
- A box truck for container/slurry transport to anaerobic digesters

Groundwork RI, a Providence non-profit that operates Harvest Cycle, is one subawardee under Project 1.2. The grant project will support approximately 26% of the creation and implementation of the West End Compost Hub, a community composting expansion project. Under the subaward, Groundwork RI will procure the following infrastructure pieces:
- Community compost site workshop and storage shed
- Community compost site feedstock storage
- Bucket loader
- Truck for compost and feedstock delivery
- Dump trailer
- Food waste pickup e-trike

The Center for Ecotechnologies (CET), a non-profit organization, will be the subawardee will provide technical assistance to Providence businesses and institutions for food waste diversion and recycling separation. The services provided by CET are not market-available and will support businesses and institution to divert waste through education and training based on industry best practices.

The anticipated deliverables include:
Project 1: Food Waste Diversion
Project 1.1 - Commercial and institutional food waste diversion capacity expansion: 3 infrastructure enhancements for food waste collection (10 pieces of equipment purchased)
Project 1.2 - Residential food waste diversion through community composting: Construction of one c
Awarding / Funding Agency
Place of Performance
Providence, Rhode Island United States
Geographic Scope
City Of Providence was awarded Providence Recycling and Food Waste Infrastructure Enhancement Grant Cooperative Agreement 00A01312 worth $3,348,166 from EPA Region 1: Boston in February 2024 with work to be completed primarily in Providence Rhode Island United States. The grant has a duration of 3 years and was awarded through assistance program 66.920 Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling Infrastructure Grants. The Cooperative Agreement was awarded through grant opportunity Solid Waste Infrastructure For Recycling (SWIFR) Grant Program for Political Subdivisions of States and Territories.


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11.0% Complete

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100.0% Federal Funding
0.0% Non-Federal Funding

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Sheldon Whitehouse
John Reed
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