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Sept. 11, 2022, 1:14 a.m.
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Project: Mixed Reality Simulation and Technical Assessment Laboratory
August 8, 2022

1.0 Purpose: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
(CAMI) seeks information regarding the state of the art of Extended Reality (XR)
technologies, and industry advancements in the XR space, with particular interest in
application of XR technologies to training and remote technical support applications.

XR can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance performance through
collaborative diagnosis/repair with remotely located experts, increased system understanding
by overlaying digital images on real-world objects, easier access to information via electronic
manuals, and virtual training environments. However, XR may pose drawbacks because of
attentional tunneling, poor ergonomics, or difficulties in device use. As such, it is critical to
understand what XR capabilities best support specific maintenance activities. Since XR
devices are continuously evolving in terms of device type, form factor, level of
visualization/immersion, and interactivity, research is needed to support identifying, and
leveraging appropriately, the correct configuration of technology that achieves more
effective and productive maintenance practices to support the NAS maintenance support

2.0 Scope or Mission: CAMI seeks information and demonstration of XR technologies in the
form of 45 minute Presentations and/or demonstrations. Information regarding how a variety
of XR device types (e.g., phones, tablets, headsets) and reality types (e.g., augmented, virtual,
mixed reality) could support two use cases: (1) training maintenance tasks, and (2) remote
expert technical support to a maintainer at a field location, is sought. Information gained
from this will be used to inform the development of a future Solicitation.

3.0 Period and Place of Performance: Industry Day will be performed virtually. You must
respond by email with a capability and receive a timeslot from the CO in order to participate.

4.0 Background: The growing availability of low-cost, off-the-shelf Extended Reality (XR)
technologies has led to increased application of these devices with maintenance
environments. Technical Operations manages the technical infrastructure of the National
Airspace System (NAS) and is responsible for the installation, maintenance, certification,
and repair of NAS systems and equipment. The recently published Technical Operations
Strategic Plan (2021) references the need to identify “innovative solutions for virtual
applications” and identifies XR as a solution for improving NAS maintenance practices. XR
technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), can enhance
maintenance strategies by enabling remote collaboration, virtual site inspections, virtual job
aids, and more.

5.0 Performance Objectives: The primary objective is for information to be shared regarding
XR devices form factor, and end-user perspective description or demonstration of an
experience using the technology within one or both of the use cases described above. This
description should convey how the user initiates use of the technology (i.e., a session), how
the technology supports a training or remote expert technical support use case during the
session, how the user terminates or concludes the use of the session, required infrastructure

during the session, and the transport or storage of the technology after the session.

Secondary objectives include a review of:

• Technical specifications needed for supporting computers (processing speed,

memory, graphics cards, etc.)
• Associated software solutions
• Demonstration of past performance in similar/relatable use cases

a) Deliverables / Schedule: Presentation Not to Exceed 45 Minutes. Industry date: October

25, 2022, Tuesday, from 8:15 – 4:30.