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DIA Missile and Space Intelligence Center - Tech White Paper Template


Due by June 6th, 2022 at 16:00 CST.

Entries that do not comply with these instructions will not be accepted. Please read carefully!

Complete this entire template using an 11-point font size in the Calibri font. Do not change this document’s margins or alter its format. Footnotes are not allowed. Briefings and/or briefing charts in lieu of written responses are not desired.

Your completed document must be no more than 2 total pages: this cover page, plus two pages of text. Use the embedded purple prompts to guide you. The prompts precisely track the evaluation factors used by the reviewer, so it is in your interest to organize your document using these prompts. Any proprietary information should be marked.

The main body text on page 2- must be contained on a maximum of two pages. You may change the relative lengths of the below suggested sections: Each company’s story is different, and you may need more space than others for certain sections below.

Save this file as a PDF document and in the file name replace Template with the Company Name “Company Name – DIA-MSIC-2022-White Paper”. Please DO NOT add any other annotations such as v1, DDMMYYYY, etc. Companies can submit multiple white papers if they cover different topics of interest.  In this case, add the topic covered at the end of the White Paper file name to delineate the multiple papers. 

To submit: Email unclassified responses

Basic Information

Company Name

Company Address


Technical Point of Contact – Full Name

TPOC – Phone

TPOC – Email

Business Point of Contact – Full Name

Bus POC – Phone

Bus POC - Email


Size of Company

Revenues Size

# Of Employees

Small Business & Type

Yes\No ~ (e.g. 8(a), women-owned, HUB Zone Small Business, etc.)


Enter Abstract here (1,500 character limit).

White Paper Body

All of the purple text should be DELETED prior to you saving your final PDF. The purple text prompts map to the evaluation rubric and should be used as a guide to help tell your story within each section of this white paper. You can use as much of the space as you want for each section within these two pages.


Is the solution or capability clearly and succinctly articulated? Has the solution or capability been shown to be relevant to one of MSIC’s problem areas?


Is the technical approach to the problem reasonable and built on sound scientific and engineering principles as applied to MSIC problem sets? Describe similar problem set that the capabilities are being used to satisfy and describe the similarities of these use cases to the MSIC problem sets. Describe complexity of problem, timeliness of analysis, confidence of results and any other technical metric to assess applicability of approach.

Enabling technologies/Logistics: Description of external reliance (including technologies, infrastructure, and software) required to use capability, method, or technique. Standalone system, communications needs, open source code libraries, minimum training, operating system for software, footprint, power requirements, environmental conditioning, etc. Specifically address open vs closed (standalone) system requirements.

Perceived Benefits: Explicitly describe the expected benefits of proposed technical capability, method, or technique to the MSIC problem sets. Address efficiency improvements (timeliness of analysis, volume of data addressed, etc.) as well as effectiveness (confidence in data, error calculations, quality of assessments both objective and subjective, latest statistical methods used,etc).


Innovation and advancement of new capabilities or ways of doing business is challenging. Bringing that solution to fruition has many risks associated with it. These risks are increased when constrained to operate in a classified or “closed” environment. Discuss some of the top level risks associated with operating in a “closed” system, workforce friction in adopting new capabilities, and any other significant risks your customers have had to address to effectively employ your capability. Provide specific examples of similar environments to MSIC and best practices that have been implemented to mitigate these risks.