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Tunner Industry Day Briefing (Repost)
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Dec. 3, 2010, 12:23 p.m.
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W A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RTUNNER TUNNER CONTRACTORLOGISTICSSUPPORTCONTRACTORLOGISTICSSUPPORTCONTRACTOR LOGISTICS SUPPORTCONTRACTOR LOGISTICS SUPPORTLIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENTLIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENTLea BakerLea Baker580 CBSS/GBLD580 CBSS/GBLD2727A2010A2010Lea BakerLea Baker580 CBSS/GBLD580 CBSS/GBLD2727A2010A201027 27 Apr 2010Apr 201027 27 Apr 2010Apr 2010 OverviewW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E R•Introductions•Agenda•Program Description PRit•Program Requirements•Questions2 580 CBSS/GBLDTunnerProgramTeamW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RTunner Program TeamLea BakerProgram ManagerDeborah SimmonsContracting Officer1Lt Stephen CashFinancial ManagementggAlicia VogelContractSpecialistContract SpecialistRick HolmesChifEiKen CrovoChifLitiiSammy SalibaTPMtScott HolmesChief EngineerJeff RobertsonChief LogisticianTunner Prog Mgt3Tunner EngineeringTunner Logistics IndustryDayAgendaW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RIndustry Day Agenda1st DAY SESSIONWelcome and Administrative Comments (08:00)Program ManagerPresentation of Requirements (08:15AM)Program ManagerChief EngineerPresentation of Contract Plan (08:45AM)Contracting OfficerAiitiSttAcquisition StrategyScheduleEvaluation FactorsBreak and Tunner Visit (09:15AM)Issues, Concerns, and Industry Feedback (10:30)FacilitatorLunch (11:30AM)4 One-on-OnesW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E ROneonOnesOne-on-Ones 27 Apr 10 GlobalGroundSupportLLC12:30PM–12:50PMGlobal Ground Support, LLC12:30PM –12:50PMDRS Sustainment Systems, Inc.1:00PM –1:20PMHydraulics International Inc.1:30PM –1:50PMSS200PM220PMSunSource2:00PM –2:20PMATAP, Inc. 2:30PM –2:50PMThe Boeing Company 3:00PM –3:20PMJBT Aerotech3:30PM –3:50PMTeledyne Brown Engineering4:00PM –4:20PM5 TunnerDescriptionW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RTunner Description•Self-propelled 60,000 pound, 6 pallet, capacity•Air transportable on C-5 and C-17 aircraft•Tunner Weighs 66,000 poundsg•14’3” Wide X 49’4” Long •Reach from 39” to 18’ 6” when fully extendedy•Deck Adjustable in pitch, roll, side shift, and yaw•InterfaceswithC-130,C-5,C-17andcommercialInterfaces with C130, C5, C17 and commercial cargo aircraft•Powered by a 350 HP, V-6 turbo charged diesel y,gengine with two axle line hydrostatic drive6 ProgramRequirementsW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RProgram Requirements•Support for 318 fielded Tunner loaders at over 80 ldidltiworld-wide locations•Contractor responsible for System Performance knownaslevel3PerformanceBasedLogisticsknown as level 3 Performance Based Logistics (PBL) in the Air Force–Contractor will be the design authority–Responsible for adjusting lower level parameters to maintain the Top Level Availability Metric–Haveflexibilitytochoosewhichparameterstoadjustto–Have flexibility to choose which parameters to adjust to achieve the required outcome–Base level vehicle maintenance will be conducted by AF orcontractmaintenancepersonnelor contract maintenance personnel7 Program Requirements (cont)W A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E R•Technical support provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week–By phone, email, FAX, etc.–Include repair instructions, TO explanations, etc.•Establish System Review Board (SRB) -joint AF/Contractor y()jmulti-disciplined board for directing technical activities–Issues, DMSMS, technology insertion, new capabilities, etc.–Items can be brought to the SRB’s attention by anyonegSyy•Provide a high-speed parts pipeline to support approximately 80 locations around the globeObtainnecessaryinventory–Obtain necessary inventory•Manage and forecast inventory levels continually to meet Availability metric •Partial inventory supplied by Government to Contractor TBD–Manage the return of parts from the field for repair or analysis8gppy–Air Force will provide available historical parts demand and maintenance data Program Requirements (cont)W A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E R•Provide Lifecycle Systems Engineering support per AFI 63-12011201–Government will provide engineering drawings and overhaul instructions manual–ProductLifecycleManagement(PLM)Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)–Operational Safety, Suitability, and Effectiveness (OSS&E): preserving the baselines throughout the lifecycle–Technical order managementg–Parts qualifications–Total ownership costs–ConfigurationcontroltoincludestatusaccountingConfiguration control to include status accounting–Maintenance of Tunner engineering documentation such as engineering drawings, systems engineering plan, performance specification for Tunner, and OSS&E execution plan9 Program Requirements (cont)W A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E R•Overhaul up to 32 loaders per yearOverhaulqualification:2Tunnersprovidedforoverhaulover18–Overhaul qualification: 2 Tunnersprovided for overhaul over 18 month period using the Overhaul Instructions Manual provided by the AF –will include an overhaul readiness review–Follow with low-rate overhaul of 7 Tunnersthe following yeargy–Maintain the Overhaul Instruction Manual–Address structural abnormalities or non-TO repairs as they are discovered•Accident Repair–Accident repair may require depot level repair in the field or at the Contractor’s depot facility•Readiness Review for MM and PES–6 months after CA (responsibility transfer at 8 months after CA)–Contractor’s facility10–5 days or less–Visual inspection of inventory, processes, parts orders, etc. Proposed Acquisition Approach TunnerCLSW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RTunner CLS•Anticipate contract length of 5+ years•Willincludecontingency/insurancebuywiththequalifiedsourceWill include contingency/insurance buy with the qualified source–To be used until new source is ready to take material mgt and program engineering responsibility–TobeuseduntiloverhaulqualificationiscompleteTo be used until overhaul qualification is complete•Anticipate use of FFP (~2%), FPIF (~93%), and CPIF (~5%) pricing arrangements –Contractors’ proposal shall include a breakoutoflaborhourspartstransportationetcusedtoderivebreakout of labor hours, parts, transportation, etc used to derive the price for each of the following categories –MM Parts: FPIF, (“variable” costs) Includes make/buy, packing, handling, andshippingPricedfortermofcontractaspriceperloaderoperatingand shipping. Priced for term of contract as price per loader operating hour. Historical annual parts usage and loader operating hour data will be provided. Government will purchase as a quantity of operating hours depending on requirements each year11–MM infrastructure: FPIF, (“fixed” costs that are less influenced by varying loader operating hours) to be priced for term of contract. Proposed Acquisition Approach TunnerCLSW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RTunner CLS–PES: CPIF, Priced yearly options. Contractors will propose to the tasks asdefinedinthePWSplusissueresolutiontasksofvaryingcomplexityas defined in the PWS plus issue resolution tasks of varying complexity –Overhaul qualification: FPIF, 18 months. 2 loader overhauls pre-priced–Overhaul low rate: FPIF. 1 year. 7 loader overhauls pre-priced.Overhaulfullrate:FPIFPricedyearlyoptionsforremainderofthe–Overhaul full rate: FPIF. Priced yearly options for remainder of the contract. Quantity of 18-32 loaders annually. Proposals will include priced ranges (for example: from 18-21, 22-26, and 27-32)–UnscheduledDepotRepairoftheLoader:casebycaseWillusepre-Unscheduled Depot Repair of the Loader: case by case. Will use prepriced labor and overhead rates12 Proposed Acquisition ApproachTunnerCLS(cont)W A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RTunner CLS (cont)Only Qualified Sources will propose this insurance/contingency buyProposal will have two prices •Proposal if awarded stand alone andp•Proposal if awarded in conjunction with 5+ year effort below. LegendRamp upMaterial Mgt & PESOverhaulOverhaul1/12 8/12 1/13 6/13 1/14 6/14 1/15 1/16 1/17 Everyone bids this 5+ year effortExcludes the insurance/contingency buy •Qualified sources will propose to the same 5+ year effort as everyone else•Source Selection will be conducted against the 5+ year effort (excludes the insurance/contingency buy to be awarded sole-source)13 ScheduleTunnerCLSW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RTunner CLSTentative Schedule•ASP ApprovalSep 10•Synopsize and issue draft RFPNov 10•PresolicitationconferenceJan11•Pre-solicitation conferenceJan 11•Issue RFPApr 11•Receive proposalsMay 11•Contract awardJan 1214 Evaluation FactorsTunnerCLSW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E RTunner CLS•Factor 1 –Mission capabilitySbft1StEii–Sub-factor 1 –Systems Engineering–Sub-factor 2 –Product Lifecycle Management–Sub-factor 3 –Material ManagementSbft4OhlMt–Sub-factor 4 –Overhaul Management•Factor 2 –Present and past performance•Factor 3 –Price15 QuestionsW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E R16 One-on-OnesW A R N E R R O B I N S A I R L O G I S T I C S C E N T E ROneonOnesOne-on-Ones 28 Apr 10 Held at Bldg 100, Park Drivexxxxxx8:00AM–8:20AMxxxxxx8:00AM –8:20AMxxxxxx8:30AM –8:50AMxxxxxx9:30AM –9:50AM xxxxxx10:00AM–10:20AMxxxxxx10:00AM –10:20AMxxxxxx10:30AM –10:50 AM xxxxxx11:00AM –11:20AMxxxxxx12:30PM12:50PMxxxxxx12:30PM –12:50PM17