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Dec. 7, 2020, 6:30 p.m.
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Date#QuestionAnswer12/2/20201What level of clearance will be required and will the vendor need to be cleared before submission or contract award?The prime contractor will need to have a SECRET Facility Clearance at time of award. Individuals who work the SIPR solution will be required to have a SECRET clearance; those who work NIPR will not require a SECRET clearance.12/2/20202Is there a Cross-Domain Solution (CDS) in place for the Low to High transfer or does that need to be provided?There is no cross-domain solution in place; it would need to be provided. Currently, two methods are used to communicate data to the SIPR side: one is a tool Intelink, called SharePoint Assured File Exchange (SAFE); the other is Department of Defense Transfer System (DOTS). 12/2/20203If the whole inspections process is risk-based but the current system has limited analytical capabilities, how does AFIA determine the risk-based model to determine what to inspect? How is the representative sample chosen and executed in the lifecycle?Anytime you have a system that is based on risk, risk is a subjective element. Risk is predominantly determined by the various levels of command. Wing commanders have a say in the determination of risk, MAJCOM commanders have a say, squadron commanders have a say...Risk is divided into 2 broad categories:Static risk - requirements that are in an AFI or some kind of prescriptive document And in the AF we use a tiering system:Tier 0 - highest risk - because of legal, operational or financial risk - a lot of times these are dictated by CongressTier 1Tier 2Tier 3 - lowest riskThe definitions of each of these tierings have a risk element embedded in them. The highly dynamic part of this risk assessment comes from commanders, and it can vary across different types of units and orgs. 12/2/20204What would be dollar value of this contract?The government is not disclosing the potential dollar value of a potential future award at this time.12/2/20205Can you provide any more insight to the acquisition strategy and the results of the SBEAS RFI.An acquisition strategy has not been finalized. The SBEAS RFI provided additional information to inform the acquisition strategy.12/2/20206Does the prime need to hold the clearance or is it acceptable for a sub to hold?The prime contractor will need to have a SECRET Facility Clearance at time of award. Individuals who work the SIPR solution will be required to have a SECRET clearance; those who work NIPR will not require a SECRET clearance.12/2/20207Is the AF looking for a pre-built COTS product with slight customizations or is the AF open to having a micro services architecture with disparate systems working together and built on open source.The government is looking for a COTS-based solution to minimize technical debt that needs to be serviced throughout the sustainment cycle and will have the ability to be updated for changing laws regulations, and policies. The government is targeting Low Code Application Platform solutions.12/2/20208Do all personnel need a secret clearance to support TIGIIRS, and could some have a secret, but not all?The prime contractor will need to have a SECRET Facility Clearance at time of award. Individuals who work the SIPR solution will be required to have a SECRET clearance; those who work NIPR will not require a SECRET clearance.12/2/20209Thank you for providing the user access information. Are you able to also provide the average concurrent user and peak concurrent user numbers of the system or systems?For the legacy system, our data reflects approximately 15,000 peak concurrent users across IGEMS/MICT/Gatekeeper. The government doesn't have a number of average concurrent users.12/2/202010Will this be a multiple award or single award contract?The acquisition strategy has not been finalized.12/2/202011Will there be an opportunity for interested vendors to receive a demo of the three existing applications - IGEMS, MICT, Gatekeeper?There is not currently a plan to conduct a demonstration, but the government will do so, if it is deemed necessary to choose a solution. 12/2/202012Can you please provide planned hosting strategy? Are you planning an on-prem or off-prem solution?The government has not made a determination on hosting strategy.12/2/202013What is the amount/type of data to be migrated from the legacy applications to the TIGIIRS NG?There is no plan to migrate historical inspection results, however, organizational structure and pick lists from legacy systems will be brought into the new system.12/2/202014Do you envision any sole source contracts coming from this work?The acquisition strategy has not been finalized.12/2/202015Has the acquisition strategy been determined yet?The acquisition strategy has not been finalized.12/2/202016Are there policy changes required in order to enable the kind of cross functionality you desire? will those be addressed during the work or before?The requirement for communicating cross-domain will be from low side to high side only; no policy changes will be required.12/2/202017Following the one on one sessions, If you conclude that three vendors are able to satisfy the requirements, will this work be solicited as an 8a set-aside?The acquisition strategy has not been finalized; this Industry Day is being held to determine if there is the potential for an 8a to meet all the requirements.12/2/202018Would the government consider a down-select approach based on a government funded, vendor developed proof-of-concept?The responses from Industry Day will inform the acquisition strategy. A vendor developed proof-of-concept is not off the table.12/2/202019Is the government narrowly focused only the LCAPs in the Gartner quadrant as mentioned in the July SBEAS RFI?The government is targeting a on low code solution but has not limited the focus to those listed in Gartner or other industry analysis.12/2/202020How do you differentiate between the COTS and the LCAPs from the market research standpointThe government references the Gartner definition of LCAP, which states "An Enterprise Low-code application platform (LCAP) provides rapid application development and deployment using low-code and no-code techniques such as declarative, model-driven application design and development together with the simplified one-button deployment of applications. An LCAP typically creates metadata and interprets that metadata at runtime and abstracts the underlying server infrastructure for ease of use; many also allow optional procedural programming extensions. LCAP supports: UI capabilities via responsive web and mobile apps; Orchestration or choreography of pages, business process, and decisions or business rules; Built-in database and "One button" deployment of applications."12/2/202021If Cloud One is an option, is there a requirement for the COTS solution to have an existing ATO?The government hasn't determined the preferred hosting solution. We don't expect that there is already an ATO in place; the government would expect to have to obtain an ATO for the solution in either CloudOne or vendor provided hosting.12/2/202022Does the government envision/have expectation for the TIGIIRS NG to operate in parallel with the legacy system? If so, for what period of time?The government does not anticipate a long period of operating parallel systems. As the minimum viable product is delivered for each business capability, the legacy system that previously supported it will be sunsetted.12/2/202023when does the government intend to issue a final RFP for this requirement?While the timeline is difficult to predict given the number of milestones in the process still to navigate, an RFP is anticipated in summer of 2021.12/2/202024If both SBEAS and 8a market research show there are two qualified vendors, how would the government determine which acquisition strategy to select?If market research determines that there are two or more qualified 8a vendors, per acquisition policy, the award would be an 8a set-aside.12/2/202025Is the current vendor an 8(a) and does the current vendor qualify fit this contract going forward?There is no current vendor for TIGIIRS-NG. The legacy vendor is an 8a. If they are still an 8a and strategy is 8a set aside, they would be qualified to participate. However, an acquisition strategy has not been finalized for this initiative.12/2/202026Does AFIA expect the same platform to be used to automate or implement other solutions other than TIGIIRS NG. That would justify a generic LCAP vs a COTS platformAFIA does not have additional applications targeted for the solution, however LCAPs for enterprise use are being investigated in other initiatives.12/2/202027Is available funding R&D or O&M or both?Both R&D and O&M will be utilized to field and sustain the TIGIIRS NG solution.12/2/202028Would WOSB or EDWOSB be considered? An acquisition strategy has not been finalized.; both WOSB or EDWOSB would be considered.12/2/202029Will this work at on site or off site?Can the work be done at the contractor's site?The government would prefer the vendor to have a presence near Kirtland AFB to facilitate face-to-face team agile development, however this is not required.12/2/202030The information on the beta.sam instructions did say that the July SBEAS RFI resulted in more than one 8a vendor apparently qualified and hence this Industry. Does it not mean that there are already two 8a vendors qualified? If so, does it mean SBEAS would be the preferred vehicle?An acquisition strategy has not been finalized.12/2/202031Is an eval factor using an LCAP? Do you want LCAP or COTs?The acquisition strategy, including evaluation criteria, has not been finalized; however, the government is looking for LCAPS with significant commercial presence.12/2/202032Does it then not mean that the LCAP proposed should have demonstrated record in the DoD?The acquisition strategy, including evaluation crit… Show All