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DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release. Distribution is unlimited. Federal Agency: DOD – USAF – AFLCMC HIQD NAICS: 541512 PSC: DA10 Industry Day Invitation This Industry Day invitation is intended solely for Section 8(a) vendors. AFLCMC HIQD would like to invite 8(a) vendors to an Industry Day hosted by United States Air Force (USAF) Program Executive Office (PEO) for Business and Enterprise Systems (BES), Services Management Division, Digital Enterprise Solutions (DES) (AFLCMC/HIQD) in coordination with the Air Force Inspection Agency (AFIA) in support of The Inspector General Instructional and Informational Readiness System Next Generation (TIGIIRS NG). Purpose The purpose of this notice is to conduct market research, a continuous process for collecting and analyzing information about capabilities within the market to satisfy agency needs. The acquisition strategy has not yet been determined and market research results will assist the Air Force in determining the direction any acquisition will take. The industry response to the TIGIIRS RFI posted July 2020 (Attachment 1) indicated that multiple 8(a) businesses may be capable of meeting the TIGIIRS requirements. Therefore, this Industry Day will assist the Government in making a determination regarding whether to set aside resulting procurement for 8(a) businesses. Based upon the results of market research, the Government reserves the right to set aside this requirement for 8(a) businesses. This Industry Day enables commercial and government representatives to collaborate on best practices, cost, and timelines to implement low code application platforms which will inform the developing TIGIIRS concept of operations and assist in acquisition strategy development. The TIGIIRS initiative seeks insight on cost-effective licensing structures, innovative operational concepts, hosting alternatives, emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and/or engineering innovations that utilize agile software development to enhance the ability to ensure warfighter readiness through integrated and incrementally implemented solutions. This event qualifies as continued market research under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) part 10. This is not a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ). Project Overview The Air Force (AF) seeks to migrate and modernize multiple current legacy tools with a single sign-on, cloud-based solution using a low code/no code approach. Currently multiple tools are used for executing Air Force Inspection System (AFIS) activities. These tools were not originally designed to be enterprise solutions and do not meet current user requirements. The scope of the initiative will include the full range of services to deliver working software using an agile approach. TIGIIRS NG will operate in both an IL4 unclassified environment and in an IL6 classified environment. The application and low code platform itself is not considered classified, but the IL6 instance will contain classified information. The effort will include such activities as: • Procurement of Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS) licenses for a low-code platform DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release. Distribution is unlimited. • Agile Application development, sustainment and test services throughout the period of performance • Interface development, sustainment and testing throughout the period of performance • Training Material Development • Classroom Training Delivery: Initial and Recurring • Cloud Operations support for two hosting locations (IL4 and IL6) • Automated Testing • Data profiling of legacy systems, data extraction, data transformation and data loading • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery • Support required to obtain a continuous Authority To Operate (cATO) • Dev/Sec/Ops pipeline creation and operation The TIGIIRS user base is reflected in the table below. User Type Definition # Users Regular >50 hours/month in the system 21,000 Occasional 10<50 hours/month in the system 4,000 Sporadic <10 hours/month in the system 175,000 Total 200,000 TIGIIRS NG seeks the most cost effective licensing model for its user base. Some options might be: • User Based License Model. It is expected that the cost per seat reflects the number and anticipated usage rates of different roles. • Business Outcome Model. A business outcome model would allow the AF to field an unlimited number of apps for the Business outcome mission area. The mission area for this effort is AF inspection systems. Currently, TIGIIRS is envisioned to be a single application that covers this business outcome, but this option would allow flexibility to add apps for this outcome if the need arises. This model also allows any air force employee or support contractor that participates in this business outcome to have access to the applications supporting this business outcome. • Application License Model. An application based license is similar to an outcome based license model with the difference being only one application is deployed with unlimited user access. • Product Based Model. The product based model annually bills the AF based on the number of products being produced. The estimated number of reports are 6500 reports/year on NIPR and 1200 reports/year on SIPR. Like the prior two pricing options any user involved in the production of these reports can have access to the system. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release. Distribution is unlimited. Additional Vendor Information In preparation for Industry Day, 8(a) vendors are required to respond in advance to the Industry Day questions (Tab 1 of Attachment 2), and assign story points to the use cases in the Sample Product Backlog (Tab 2 of Attachment 2) using background information provided in the Process Map (Attachment 3) and Amplifying Details (Attachment 4). Vendors are permitted to ask questions to the Government for additional information that is needed to provide a thorough response. Questions will be directed to Mr. Ben Beachler, Contract Specialist, at no later than 12:00 EST 19 November 2020. Industry Day Industry Day will kick off at 9 am EST 2 December 2020, with a presentation by the Government detailing TIGIIRS requirements and an opportunity for questions in an open forum. Additionally, vendors interested in participating in a one-on-one Q&A session with Government representatives to further discuss their proposed solution should indicate their preferred time as follows: 2 December – afternoon 3 December – morning or afternoon 4 December – morning or afternoon All interested vendors will be provided an opportunity for one-on-one sessions; scheduling will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Timeline • NLT 12:00 EST 19 November – Vendor Questions to Government • 23 November – Government response to vendor questions • 30 November – Vendor Responses Due • 1 December - Virtual Industry Day Vendor One-on-One meeting times established • 2 December (9-11am EST) - Industry Day Government Presentation and Q&A Session • 2 - 4 December - Vendor One-on-One Sessions • 9 December NLT 12:00 EST - Vendor Updated Responses Due (modified, if needed, with information learned at Industry Day) Vendor Response Each vendor response will include: 1. Vendor Response to government questions (Tab 1 of Attachment 2) 2. Story points for each use case in the Sample Product Backlog (Tab 2 of Attachment 2) 3. Indication of interest in a one-on-one Q&A session with Government representatives and preferred time Virtual Industry Day Location Meeting Invitations will be sent upon receipt of Vendor Response. Once all participants are confirmed, the final schedule for one-on-one Q&A sessions and additional logistical details for the event will be emailed to individual participants, on or before 1 December 2020. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release. Distribution is unlimited. Additional Information This invitation is NOT a solicitation for proposals or quotations. No solicitation exists at this time. This invitation is for market research knowledge sharing only and is not a commitment by the Government to procure or solicit for any items or services. Information learned will inform an assessment of the referenced market sectors' capability to meet TIGIIRS’ requirements. No reimbursement will be provided for any responses or attendance at the industry day. The Government has no obligation to pay for information or product samples provided in response to this notice and will not accept any responses as offers. No set-aside decision has been made. A key factor in determining an acquisition to be a Small Business Set-Aside is that small business prime contractors must perform at least 50% of the effort, as defined in FAR Clause 52.219-14. The Government reserves the right to consider a small business set-aside based upon all responses received for the subject effort. Notice: The Government may use non-Government support contractor personnel from LDSS, OASIS and other support contractors, to assist in collecting and reviewing market information. Submission of proprietary information will be protected from unauthorized disclosure as required by Subsection 27 of the Federal Procurement Policy Act as amended (41 U.S.C. 423) (hereinafter referred to as "the Act"). These companies are bound contractually by Organizational Conflict of Interest and disclosure clauses with respect to proprietary information. Supporting contractor personnel are procurement officials within the meaning of the Act and will take all necessary action to preclude unauthorized use or disclosure of Contractor's proprietary data.