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Nov. 19, 2021, 4:59 p.m.
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Industry QuestionGovernment Response1Could you share an orgchart or stakeholders map?The ICE organizational chart is provided as an attachment.2We appreciate the time you are devoting to this opportunity. Will you be able to outline any specific rules as it relates to Joint Ventures? Specifically, will a JV partner be able to submit a bid on multiple teams?Vendors may submit proposals under more than one domain. Specific rules for JVs will be provided with the RFP.3Will SWIFT include advisory/governance support for the platform division making process or will the task orders be purely development/delivery focused?Yes, we will have advisory boards. "communities of practice"4Where would data-as-a-service reside? or data platform as a service?Data-as-a-serice and data platform as a service will reside under the Hyper automation domain. 5How adaptable will you offering be to other related tools for Hyper Automation, Visualization and Collaborative Services? Is your ASDM processes within this model build willing and able to review, assess integrate into your current environment other tools?Yes, our processes and offerings are intended to be scalable and flexible. 6Chris, James, Heidi & team thanks for continuing to engage with Industry in such open formats. A lot of the Work Domains point to very prescriptive solution sets ie SNOW, UiPath, SharePoint, etc. In contrast, 'Hyper Automation' opens up broader capabilities in AI/ML. Can you expand on the skillsets or maybe potentially outcomes you're looking for to fulfill this req't? How much room is there for respondents to provide innovative approaches? Thanks!Yes, Hyper automation includes AI/ML technology. The skillsets will be provided with the DRFP. Offerors will also have the ability to propose skillsets that align with their techncial approach. We welcome innovative strategies to meet our objectives. 7Did we hear correct that the plan is to make 2 awards per domain?Yes, ICE anticipates making 2 awards per domain, for a total of 8 (2x4 domains) awards. 8Does the government intend on releasing a draft RFP? If so, what is the expected timeline for DRFP release?Yes, a draft RFP will be released mid-December 2021.9Will ICE be able to release a draft PWS/SOW &/or draft RFP before any final solicitation.? (This would be very helpful to assist Industry in gauging if they are able to bid)Yes, a draft PWS will be released with the draft RFP.10Will ICE be basing SWIFT on GSA MAS, or will it be its own, stand-alone vehicleSWIFT will be a stand-alone vehicle. 11Is the Government considering any platforms beyond ServiceNow and Dynamics? Should a firm indicate additional areas of expertise or only focus on those two?We are open to new innovative technologies for the ICE Enterprise.12Will subcontractor past performance be allowed to be used?Subcontractor past performance will be allowed. Specific details will be provided in the DRFP/RFP.13To clarify Hyper Automation and Visualization will be SB set aside. Will there be two awardees each on those? ICE anticipates making two (2) awards under the Hyperautomation domain and two (2) awards under the visualization domain. 14The contracting overview did not reference contract vehicles that will be used or are under consideration for the procurements. Can you please provide information on whether a vehicle will be used or if this will be a stand-alone contract?SWIFT will be a stand-alone vehicle. 15Can you better explain the procurement strategy? There are 4 domains, are 2 of them set-a-side for SB and 2 for LB?Two (2) domains are set-aside for small businesses (Hyper automation and Visualization). Two (2) domains are Full and Open (PaaS and Collaborative Services)16Thank you for hosting! Does the government intend on releasing a draft RFP? If so, what is the expected timeline for DRFP release?Yes, a draft RFP will be released mid-December 2021.17Can a single offeror win on both large domains? Are there any limits on teaming arrangements (e.g., can you be a prime on one and sub on another)? There is a possibility that a vendor can be awarded an IDIQ award in more than one domain. A decision has not been made on teaming arrangements. 18To enhance competition at the task order level, will the government consider increasing the number of competitive awards to more than 2 per domains? The number of awards is subject to change. 19Will there be a task order issued along the initial IDIQ award? Yes, a task order will be issued with the IDIQ award.20Will the government be hosting oral presentations and/or a technical demonstration which would require the participation of bid key personnel?Innovative procedures will be used for evaluation. 21For the LB domains, is there an anticipated SB utilization goal?Yes, ICE FY21 small business goal are provided for reference.22Will vendors be able to submit proposals for multiple Functional Areas? Also, can vendors be awarded contracts under more than one Functional Area?Yes, vendors can submit proposals for more than one domain. Yes, there is a possibility that a vendor can be awarded an IDIQ award in more than one domain.23Is the vision for vendors to provide a proposal for each domain (e.g. Hyper automation, Visualization) or one proposal and indicate which work areas they are proposing for?Yes, the solicitation will instruct vendors to provide separate proposals for each domain. 24Is there a future plan to replace SharePoint Online with a different technology?ICE does not have a plan to replace Sharepoint Online at this time.25What is the anticipated release date for the DRFP?A draft RFP will be released mid-December 2021.26When a new requirement / task order requires capabilities that bleed over into other functional areas, will ICE keep SWIFT task orders flexible enough to allow for that (versus keeping the scope very rigid)?Yes, the task orders will be flexible enough to collaborate across the four domains. 27Where does intra and inter agency data sharing reside? Is the COE exploring modernization of legacy data systems?This capability falls within our Hyper Automation domain. 28How will the RFP be structured? Does ICE anticipate a written response, orals, or coding challenge?The use of technical demonstrations, oral presentations, phase evaluations, and advisory down-select will be used. 29Does ICE intend to use any "innovative" procedures for bid and evaluation? What kind of techniques are being considered?Yes, Innovative procedures will be used for evaluation of SWIFT. The use of technical demonstrations, oral presentations, phase evaluations, and down-select will be used. 30What will be your process for evaluating responses for awarding at the BPA level?SWIFT is not a BPA. 31Good morning - does ICE intend on releasing a DRFP? The answers to ICE Vendor Engagement Day questions mentioned that, I just wanted to confirm. Thank youA draft RFP will be released mid-December 2021.32Which domains will be set-aside?Two (2) domains are set-aside for small businesses (Hyper automation and Visualization). Two (2) domains are Full and Open (PaaS and Collaborative Services)33Can Primes bid on multiple domains?Yes, a Prime can bid on multiple domains so long as the criteria for each domain is met.34Can a domain prime sub on another domain?Yes, a prime can be a subcontractor on another domain.35Can a vendor bid and possibly win a prime contract in more than one domain?Yes, a vendor can bid and be award a contract on multiple domains so long as the criteria for each domain is met. 36Is there an AWS ICE Gov Cloud or just Azure? Does ICE intend to use high-side cloud environments for SWIFT?Yes, we have AWS and Azure. Cloud environments will be included in the SWIFT work.37Would you be able to identify vendors who are supporting the in progress work today? or is that something that you can't share? Thank you!Similar services are provided under HSHQDC-13-D-2025/HSCETC-17-J-00037; GS-35F-0294T/70CTD020FR000006, and HSHQDC-13-D-2058/HSCETC-16-J-0005738What is the current automation rates for documents being processed? What is the goal?We want to explore and assist in evaluating the potential benefits, probable investments and overall use cases for operational units that have a need to automate document processing. ICE dose not have a specific set goal for automation rates for documents being processed. 39How would you describe the key differences between SWIFT and RAVEN?RAVEN is supporting the mission of our Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and SWIFT will support the ICE Enterprise. 40For the SB tracks: what type of SBs are you looking to hire? Should the SB have experience with ICE's current tools & the capability to grow to other platforms as ICE grows?Small businesses will be evaluated based on the tasks requirements in the PWS. 41In an effort towards enhancing flexibility in procurement and offering a wider range of options in both services and price, would the Government consider GSA Contracting Teaming Arrangements (CTAs) as part of their acquisition strategy? This would entail two prime offerors combining their GSA schedules to submit one, comprehensive offer.SWIFT is a stand-alone effort. ICE will not use GSA contract vehicles. 42PaaS/SaaS track... Is it building on the platform? Platform support? or both? Said another way... Will the platform support work be supported under SWIFT or OSDSS?It's both. SWIFT contractors will work closely with OSDSS.43Will ICE be issuing a new draft: And, might be helpful if sections L & M are included. This will ensure proper submission against evaluation factors and assist industry with teaming. Thank you.The draft RFP will include Instructions to Offerors (Section L) and Evaluation Criteria (Section M).44Will there be any restrictions on how vendors can bid on the various tracks other than the large business and small business tracks? Can large businesses bid on b… Show All