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June 3, 2022, 10:57 a.m.
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Q: Solicitation Release Date:

A: Currently working Acquisition Strategy, Draft RFP planned for mid-late CY2022, Actual RFP release planned for mid CY2023

Q: Who is the biggest customer on CFT?

A: Navy (52%), Army (19%), USAF (29%) and Coast Guard (2%)

Q: Is current effort meeting mission success?

A: Yes

Q: Are there less large businesses bidding on task orders?

A: Not that the Government has noticed

Q: Is the competition perspective to still have at least 3 contractors bidding on each task order?

A: Yes

Q: Will there be consideration within the follow-on to allow for incentives, other than LPTA, MTC (allow offeror to state the MTC and Gov’t hold them to it?

A: The Government will take these things into consideration but nothing has been decided

Q: Is the Government still planning to have a mix of both large and small contractors?

A: Yes; it was briefed during the ESIS that we would have 10/10, but that is not set in stone – dependent upon the competition for each pool.

Q: Should past performance be evaluated at the tech order level?

A: The Government is taking this into consideration

Q: Will security requirements be required to be submitted at the IDIQ and T.O. level?

A: Government is looking into this

Q: Will the T.O.s still be LPTA?

A: The T.O.’s are still best value and will continue to be best value

Q: Will small businesses be allowed to bid on OCONUS work for the follow-on?

A: The Government is still looking into this

Q: What are the requirements to be considered a small business on the follow-on?

A: 100 FTE’s or less is small business / 101 or more FTE’s is large business

Q: Are you planning to start back up the annual conferences/Tier Mtgs

A: Yes, but COVID stopped them for awhile

Q: Could the TCTO work be brought into a contractor’s facility to be worked?

A: Not sure, will look into this

Q: Will the new contract have an on/off ramp?

A: Yes

Q: Will contract structure stay the same as today?

A: No, looking at a 10 year contract and looking at doing a Base + 4 for the T.O.’s

Q: Timeline of award for the follow-on?

A: Potential - Draft RFP mid to late Summer 2022 and RFP late 2022/early 2023

Q: When would a company have to move from a small to large business?

A: IAW FAR 52.219-28(b)(3)

Q: Will you do cost realism with this follow-on contract?

A: The Government does not plan to do cost analysis on this contract and therefore cost realism will not be looked at. Price analysis will be utilized.

Q: How many T.O.s are anticipated from now until the end of the current contract?

A: See attachment –

Q: Will there be any Cost Plus CLINs added to the follow-on contract?

A: No

Q: Will there be anything different that is considered for this follow-on that isn’t on the current contract?

A: Still looking into this, but potentially a past performance evaluation at the T.O. level

Q: Can other agencies buy off the follow-on contract?

A: Yes; this allows for more competition and also helps in obtaining and maintaining mission goals.

Q: Will NWD rates still be utilized on the follow-on?

A: That is the plan, but looking into this

Q: Will there be face to face meetings after the proposals are submitted?

A: Nothing planned at this time

Q: Can a contractor bring on a small business at any time?

A: Yes, but the Government must be notified of this arrangement

Q: How long will contractors have to submit a proposal for the follow-on?

A: Not official, but looking at 60 days

Q: Will small business still be allowed to bid on OCONUS work?

A: Government is still looking into this

Q: Will the follow-on RFP be similar to last RFP - multiple scenarios?

A: Government still working Acq Plan Approval – nothing decided at this point

Q: Are contracts SCA covered?

A: Yes

Q: Will there be another industry day with one-on-one sessions?

A: Not planned at this time, could change, but with the timing constraint, probably not

Q: On the T.O. level, are the # of personnel required to be proposed?

A: Yes, there is a MTC required

Q: Can the contractor propose a lower # of MTC?

A: No, the MTC must be met. A contractor can propose more than the MTC but not lower than the MTC

Q: Is AS9100 required at time of award or at proposal submittal?

A: Compliant QMS at time of award

Q: Will there be a requirement for each contractor to bid on a specific number of T.O.’s?

A: Government is still looking into the language

Q: Can CAC cards be switched between jobs?

A: No, CAC cards are specific to a T.O. and PoP and then turned in

Q: What are the current qualifications?

A: Management Plan, Transition Plan, Mission Essential Plan (if required) & pricing sheet

Q: Will there be any change in T.O. proposal submittal time?

A: Not at this time, but will look into this

Q: When does the current contract expire?

A: Nov 2023, but there is a -8 which can take us out to May 2024

Q: How many OCONUS sites are there?

A: 8

Q: Will another NAICS code be considered?

A: Most of the RFI responses agreed with keeping the current NAICS code of 336411

Q: Is the majority of work O level or D level type work?

A: O level

Q: Will there be site surveys prior to follow-on award?

A: Not planned at this time, but will take into consideration

Q: What is the ceiling of the follow-on contract?

A: Government is still working with the cost estimating office and numbers are not finalized yet

Q: What is the current atmosphere affecting CFT contracting environment?

A: Overtime allowed as a large business when bidding on T.O.’s? Needs researched and will send to contractor’s when completed.

Q: Will a secret clearance be needed on any of the task orders?

A: Yes

Q: Does the PWS need to be updated for the new award?

A: Government may need to update the PWS, we are not far enough into the requirement yet to determine that.

Q: How long will proposals need to be valid for?

A: We are looking a minimum of 60 days on all task orders, could change

Q: Will the new contract still use the national wage determination?

A: Yes. Unless a CBA is in place.

Q: Will 104’s be staying on the new award?

A: Yes. This helps to see the process and how the contract is going.

Q: What will the highest level of security clearance be?

A: Yankee White

Q: Will OCONUS work have government furnished offices?

A: PWS 5.32 & 5.33.

Q: Will the new contract have “O” or “I” level work?

A: O-level work., I-level and D-level

Q: Will the source selection board consider FAR Subpart 3.5 & FAR 3.501-2 definitions of contract “buy-ins” as an improper business practice that will lead to shortfalls after award and unnecessary and/or overpriced change orders or by receiving follow-on contracts or TOs at artificially high prices?

A: Buy-in is a post award consideration and will be reviewed when appropriate.

Q: Will the Government be providing Attachments B through D in future contractual correspondence for review? Attachments B – Terms Explained, C – Acronym List and Attachment D – Safety Appendix are not included in the Table of Contents and are not incorporated into the PWS.

A: Yes. Currently updating Safety Appendix D

Q: Will the contractor or the Government be responsible for required PPE based on COVID-19 mitigation practices (e.g. masks, gloves, sanitizer, at Home Test, etc.)? Specialized PPE: If applicable, specialized PPE (not considered common as detailed in PWS paragraph 5.1.2 above) will be provided by the Government via the Contractor Acquired Property (CAP)/Contractor Acquired Services (CAS) or Material (Mat)/Non-Material (Non-Mat) CLINs. Could the Government please clarify/define their responsibility when providing Fall Protection support per the above discussion throughout the contract?

A:CAP/CAS CLIN will be used for this type of requirement.

Q: Could the Government please clarify/define their responsibility when providing Fall Protection support per the above discussion throughout the contract?

A: The user site must provide adequate fall protection if required for in support of scope requirement.

Q: Based on past historical difficulties communicating with Site Management due to firewall connectivity issues (inability to receive and transmit required contractual documentation), and the cost incurred which has not been reimbursable to the contractor. Would the Government be able to provide alternate means i.e. Wi-Fi connectivity via a commercial internet provider? If this is not feasible, would the contractor be able to request financial reimbursement via an additional CLIN (CAP/CAS)?

A: CFT cannot approve wifi use in other government facilities.

Q: If a CLIN is not available for reimbursement could the Government please clarify how the Contractor can effectively communicate required contractual documentation via the normal Government Firewall system?

A: This question requires more context. The Government cannot adequately answer as stated.

Q: Could the Government please clarify the paragraph requirements in the PWS reference column in comparison to the required CDRLs? PWS Reference column does not match corresp… Show All