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June 13, 2022, 6:50 a.m.
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Does DoS expect services will be subject to local medical licensure and tort
law when telehealth is accessed outside of the Embassy/ Consulate grounds,
which locate the patient in the host countries under local jurisdiction?

Telehealth services will only be provisioned to patients physically
located within the United States or on the campus of an American
embassy abroad.

For a type 3 consult, typically the patient will not be on federal property and
therefore will be considered within a foreign country. This would imply the
country they are currently in laws and licenses must be followed?
Obtaining a FedRamp Certification is a lengthy process, will the
government consider other cloud security solutions?
Does Government have the funding for this program? What is the budget
for this program?
The govt must actually provide all responses in writing. The govt cannot
rely on Industry to accurately capture, interpret, or understand spoken
responses to industry questions

Please see response to question number 1.
The Contractor's telehealth platform is not required to be FedRAMP

Yes, there is funding for this procurement.

Please reference the recording uploaded to for questions and
answers discussed during Industry Day.

These requirements seem to be administrative while they should focus on
the clinical care. For ex - Most countries considered any telemed in their
country to be subject to their rules irrespective of who the patient is.

Please see response to question number 1.

There are many IT integration issues to address and this will have a huge
impact; no technical information has yet to be provided.
There should be alternative proposal options. You need to address options
for technology and innovative health provision capabilities that are now
common to support refugee camps.
You have not addressed the requirement for Wearable or Implanted medical
devices. You need to have a technical webinar to discuss the existing IT
infrastructures typically available at your remote sites.

The Government does not intend on providing technical integration
information because the Contractor's telehealth platform will not be
integrated with the Government's systems. As stated during Industry
Day, the Government only seeks access to an existing telehealth
platform. In other words, the Government wants its medical providers
and eligible employees to log into a telehealth system to participate in
virtual consultations. The Contractor is responsible for hosting,
managing, and maintaining its telehealth platform. This platform will
NOT be hosted on the Government's servers, cloud, etc.

It is anticipated that all Health Units and/or Chief of Mission
personnel will have internet access.

Wearable or implanted devices is not a requirement and is outside the
scope of this effort.

When are proposals due?

My main one has to do with estimated monthly volumes. Do you have any
idea how many consults you would anticipate on a monthly basis so we can
try to figure out pricing?
Would the Government consider an extension to the original suspense date
and allow industry to provide its feedback on 29 APR 2022, by 12 noon
Please reference the Industry Day slides (slide #19) for anticipated

Since these are new services, unfortunately no, we do not have an
estimated number of consults per month. During the first two years of
contract performance, the Government anticipates approximately 200
consultation requests will be received per year, for all consultation
types, based on available urgent and emergent Health Unit data and
historical information. During approximately year three of contract
performance, the Government anticipates about 2,000-2,500
consultation requests will be received each year, for all consultation

Yes. Please submit your responses to the Government's industry
questions by June 21, 2022, 12:00 pm EDT.