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Slide presentation delivered by all speakers during industry day held May 15, 2012 for the pending OPM customized Human resources Solution acquisition
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May 22, 2012, 4:02 p.m.
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United States Office off Personnel Management OPM’s Customized Human Resources Solutions INDUSTRY DAY May 15, 2012 Industry Day Agenda Time Topic Presenter 9:00 AM – 9:10 AM Greetings Mr. William N. Patterson, OPM’s Director of Contracting 9:10 AM – 9:20 AM Welcome/Introduction Mr. Elijah Anderson, Contracting Officer, OPM 9:20 AM – 9:30 AM Program Strategic Overview Mr. George Price, Assistant Director, Account Management Group 9:30 AM – 9:40 AM VMB Program Overview Mr. Rich Vinnacombe, Chief, Vendor Management 9:40 AM – 9:50 AM Review of Statement of Objectives Dr. Bud Deming, Special Projects Officer, VMB 9:50 AM – 10:20 AM Acquisition Overview Mr. Elijah Anderson, Contracting Officer, OPM 10:20 AM– 10:50 AM Questions and Answers/Closing Remarks Mr. George Price, Dr. Bud Deming, Mr. Elijah Anderson, and Mr. Rich Vinnacombe 11:00 AM – 1 PM Procurement Match-Making OPM OSDBU Office Greetings Mr. William Neal Patterson Director, Contracting Facilities, Security and Contracting Program Strategic Overview Mr. George Price Assistant Director Account Management Group OPM’s Human Resources Solutions Purpose of Proposed Acquisition The purpose of the proposed acquisition is to Provide OPM with access to a suite of qualified, pre-competed vendors who will provide innovative and cost-effective customized solutions that satisfy training, learning, and human capital requirements across the Federal government. Meeting Major Government HR Needs •Proactive Human Capital management and strategy across the government is as critical now as it has ever been. Meeting Major Government HR Needs •Retirement continues an upward trend across government. •Internal HR staff is often under strength. Meeting Major Government HR Needs •Pace of change is ever increasing, requiring more frequent and more intense training. Meeting Major Government HR Needs •OPM’s customized HR solutions meet these needs. –The VMB program provides: •Acquisition expertise •Project management expertise •Speed to mission •Flexibility in capacity •Dynamic capabilities Vendor Management Branch Program Overview Mr. Rich Vinnacombe Chief, Vendor Management OPM’s Human Resource Solutions VMB Overview Topics •VMB Mission •About VMB •VMB Profile •VMB Federal Agency Customers •Four Operational Pillars: How VMB Works with Customers and Vendor Partners •VMB Value Proposition VMB Mission To provide Government agencies with customized training, learning, and human capital solutions that support OPM’s mission and maximize individual, team, and enterprise performance. About VMB •What we do: VMB program office performs contract administration of the TMA contract and serves as project manager for the agency client •Who we are: OPM/VMB support staff includes an executive leadership team and over 50 staff including program managers and support staff in the areas of contracting support, financial oversight, policy, and communications About VMB: How we Work with Agency Customers and Vendor Partners OPM/VMB Client Agency Contractor •Manages 700+ projects annually •Supports 200+ Government customers •Exceeded $750M Inter-Agency Agreement (IAA) funding for FY 2011 $0$100$200$300$400$500$600$700$800$900FY 95FY 96FY 97FY 98FY 99FY 00FY 01FY 02FY 03FY 04FY 05FY 06FY 07FY 08FY 09FY 10FY11MillionVMB Profile VMB Federal Agency Customers •Top Five Customers for VMB include –Veterans Administration –DoD (Air Force, Army, Navy and OSD) –Homeland Security –Health and Human Services –Department of Transportation Four Operational Pillars VMB Value Proposition  Speed-to-Mission Results  Federal Acquisition compliance  Manage large programs & projects over multiple fiscal years  Safeguard Government’s interests  Public & private sector best practices  Tailored products and services  Quality Solutions Review of Statement of Objectives Dr. Bud Deming Special Projects Officer Vendor Management Branch Consolidation of Contracting Vehicles The two acquisition vehicles under which contracts are due to expire within the next several months are -- •Training Management and Assistance (TMA) • A small Recruitment and Branding BPA. Through the VMB assisted acquisition program, agencies will be able to acquire customized solutions in -- •Customized Training and Learning Solutions •Customized Human Capital Solutions. Customized Training and Learning Solutions Technical skills development Leadership development General skills development Web-based instruction and job aids Classroom-based training programs Consulting and coaching Mobile training and support solutions Customized Strategic Human Resource Solutions  Strategic alignment of HR with mission  Workforce planning & restructuring  Performance measurement & evaluation  Competency modeling  Individual and group assessment  Succession Management  Recruitment marketing and branding  HR Systems Development & Integration CHRS Acquisition Overview Elijah Anderson Contracting Officer Facilities, Security and Contracting Current TMA Program  Currently there are 32 TMA contractors delivering services  There are three vendors, large and small, that deliver services under the Recruitment and Branding BPA  There are 45 TMA contracts •Some vendors have separate contracts for both Human Capital and Training while others have only one contract for one key servce area. Contracts are Firm Fixed Priced IDIQ with a Base + 4 years Small Business Participation in Current TMA There are currently 20 companies that first came into the TMA and R&B programs as small businesses Some of those have become large businesses as a result of their success in these two programs For FY11, small businesses were awarded task orders valued at $158,720,949, representing approximately 21% of all task orders awarded Tentative Acquisition strategy CHRS period of performance is anticipated for 5 years Base period of 1 years plus four 1year option periods for a total performance period of 5 years Full and open competition with a partial set aside for small business of up to 35%. Multiple award, Fixed Price, Indefinite-delivery, Indefinite-quantity contract Projected Minimum contract value:$25,000.00 Projected Maximum contract value:$250M per year* * Represents a firm receiving awards for both Human Capital and training Tentative Acquisition strategy (Continued) Offerors may compete for either Training/Learning, Human Capital or both. If competing for both, will require two separate proposals OPM looking for offerors who are fully qualified to develop and deliver solutions across many types of requirements within Training/Learning and/or Human Capital. Opportunity today to network with other firms Expect set asides for special categories of Small Businesses but types and quantities are yet to be determined. After contract award, maximum use of Exception to Fair Opportunity allowed in FAR 16.505(b)(2)(i)(f). (Set aside task orders specifically for small business) Small Business Sub-Contracting goals for large businesses are yet to be determined. Tentative Acquisition strategy (Continued) Events Dates Industry Day/Small Business Matching May 15,2012 Sources Sought/Small Business Capabilities Due May 23, 2012 Issuance of the RFP (tentative ) Jun 25, 2012 Proposals due from vendors (tentative) Jul 25, 2012 Evaluation of proposals Aug - Dec 2012 Contract Award Jan 2013 Complete post-award debriefings Jan 2013 Brief successful offerors on business rules, TOCs, management plans Mar 2013 Acquisition Projected Time-line Questions & Answers Mr. George Price Mr. Elijah Anderson Mr. Richard Vinnacombe Dr. Bud Deming Final Notes All information received at this industry day relating to the solicitation for the CHRS is tentative and is subject to change. It is the interested parties and prospective offertory responsibility to monitor Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) for the release of the CHRS synopsis and solicitation. Information on submitting small businesses capabilities statements can be found on FBO at the following: Information on submitting comments to the draft CHRS Statement of Objective can be found: