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May 23, 2022, 9:01 a.m.
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KC-135 Crypto & Data COMM2June 2, 2022Industry Day

How familiar is your company with our KC-135 current configuration?

How many units have you sold of this radio?

What aircraft are your VHF radios used on? (Navy, Air Force, commercial, etc)?

Will your radio be able to integrate with our Remote-Control Unit (RCU) and other ancillary equipment installed on KC-135?



RCU C-12561-B (p/n: 822-1276-006)






Will your radio be able to integrate with the 1553 bus?

What other data outputs interfaces are available such as Ethernet data connectivity available?

Provide frequency ranges for the radio?

Required Frequency Range:

VHF 108-118 MHz navigation

VHF 118-137 MHz air traffic control

VHF 137-156 MHz land mobile

VHF 156-174 MHz maritime

UHF 225-400 MHz military

Would your radio integration meet our OFP software red label release date of 2Q/FY 2024?

Do you own data rights for any auxiliary component requirements?

Does your device use RIK (soft key) or CIK (physical key)?

Is a separate fill port or crypto panel required?

Can crypto be accessed via the IPC or does it have a separated control?

Does radio have both Have Quick II and SATURN capability?

Does radio have SINGARS capability if yes which version?

Which fill devices have already been certified for use with radio? (SKL, TKL, RASKL, etc.)

Is there already an iAPP platform build for the radio TSV?

How is the software updated on the radio? (Assuming SDR) Is there already a tested/verified software program?

What support equipment is required to sustain the radio? (Software, troubleshooting, loading, etc.)

Do you already have a training program written for aircrew/operators and/or maintenance?

What consumables are required to sustain radio? Such as batteries - what kind and frequency are they change? Does unit brick if not changed? Parameters, such as requires aircraft power to change batteries

How are radios stored and how often are batteries changed?

Is it compatible with ICAO Annex 10 and ED-23B, including FM immunity– 8.33 kHz operation?

What are your channel bandwidths? (REQUIRED: 5, 8.33 & 25kHz)

What is your output power to the antenna from RT?

What is your receive sensitivity?

What are your supported waveforms? Such as BLT?

Does your radio need other components/subcomponents to function? If so, what are those components?

Do you warranty your solution? Warranty for components. How are your radios repaired?

What is your max production rate? (Per month/per year)

Can your radio solution interface with the CMU-900? NSN 5826-01-476-7784 PN 822-1239-151

What is the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your radio?

Could you provide reliability data for your solution? (Failure rates, mean time to repair, FEMECA data, etc.)

How do you manage Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages DMSMS/Obsolescence issues for your components?

What level of Technical Data will you provide? (Limited/Gov, Purpose Unlimited)

What AF platforms are currently testing the RT in their Software Integration Labs?

When could we expect to receive an RT for KC-135 Non-recurring Engineering efforts?

Will the RT be Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) compliant?