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May 13, 2022, 3:31 p.m.
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Lock and Dam 25 New 1,200 ft Lock

Invitation & Statement of Objective

Industry Day

EVENT: Industry Day for Lock and Dam 25, New 1,200 ft Lock Project as part of the
Navigation & Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP)

DATE: 15 June 2022

TIME: 8:00am – 12:00pm CST

LOCATION: OYO Hotel St. Louis Downtown City Center in St. Louis, Missouri

NAICS: 237990 – Other Heavy and Civil Construction

ESTIMATED MAGNITUDE: The estimated magnitude of the construction project is greater
than $500,000,000


Industry Day Event - All interested parties, including prospective prime contractors,
subcontractors, and suppliers, are invited to attend and must pre-register by completing
the attached Registration Form and e-mailing it to Amanda Fisher at no later than 3:00 pm CDT on 10 June 2022.
Telephonic requests will not be accepted. Registration requests must include company
name, name, job title, daytime telephone number, and e-mail address of each participant.
We reserve the right to limit attendees to three (3) per company depending on room
constraints, but may accommodate up to five (5), if requested.

One-On-One Discussions - Following the Industry Day, the Government will conduct
one-on-one discussions with contractors from 28 June to 30 June 2022 to further consider
input and refine the future solicitation documents. If interested in a one-on-one
discussion, you must register at the Industry Day event on 15 June 2022. The one-on-one
discussions will be hosted virtually via Webex.

The Lock and Dam 25 New 1,200 ft Lock, as part of the Navigation & Ecosystem Sustainability
Program (NESP), supports the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway system. The
primary goals of the program are to increase the capacity and improve the reliability of the inland
navigation system while restoring, protecting, and enhancing the environment through
implementation of an integrated, dual-purpose plan to ensure the economic and environmental
sustainability of the Upper Mississippi River System.

The existing operating project consists of a single lock; 600 feet long by 110 feet wide, with a
miter gate at both the upstream and downstream ends of the lock. The existing lock is located
along the right descending bank (Missouri side). The filling and emptying of the existing main
lock chamber are controlled by a side port system through the land and intermediate walls. Guide
walls, approximately 600 feet long, extend upstream and downstream of the lock land wall. The
upstream portion of an auxiliary lock bay was originally constructed for possible future
construction of an auxiliary 360-foot lock that was never built. An existing upstream guard wall
extends upstream from the river wall. The dam and existing lock walls are timber pile-founded
on a sand foundation. The dam consists of fourteen 60-foot-wide by 25-foot-high Tainter gates
and three 100-foot-wide roller gates. An overflow dike on the Illinois side provides supplemental
flow area in times of high water.

Proposed project features include construction of a new 1,200-foot pile-founded lock in the
auxiliary miter gate bay, a 1,200-foot upstream ported approach wall, a 650-foot downstream
approach wall, and site development to support construction activities. The existing 600-foot
lock will remain in place and will become an auxiliary lock chamber used primarily by
recreation traffic. Additionally, riverbed scour at the site will require construction/remediation of
the foundation condition and may include large amounts of rock removal and replacement as
well as large amounts of dredge material placement to reestablish the new lock foundation.
Importance is also placed on minimizing impacts to current navigation traffic as well as
maximizing predictability of any impacts.

The purpose of the event is to seek industry input regarding best practices and examples of past
success on similar projects for the technical execution and acquisition strategy of the Lock and
Dam 25 New 1,200 ft Lock. The event will begin with the District’s presentation of the project
overview and will be followed by specific short presentations on the current conceptual designs
for each of the major project features.

At the conclusion of the presentations, the District will facilitate a more formal question and
answer period. The District will document questions and answers and will consider them while
preparing subsequent designs and eventually the final design and solicitation documentation.

In support of the Industry Day, conceptual engineering plans for the major project features will
be posted for the purpose of receiving industry feedback to help strengthen and clarify the future
Solicitation package. The draft documents are for information purposes only and shall NOT be
construed as the formal Solicitation. Draft documents may be revised before the issuance of the

Questions will be received, answered, and documented during Industry Day presentations; these
questions and Government answers will be posted to this Notice on following the
event. No other questions will be received until the official Solicitation is posted to
Once the Solicitation is released a timeline for submission of questions will be established and
responses will be provided in accordance with that timeline.

PLEASE NOTE: No proposals are being requested in response to these draft documents and
none will be considered.

This announcement is not a contract solicitation, request for proposal, promise to issue any future
contract, forum to discuss upcoming work, nor commitment to offer work of any kind on the part
of the Government. The Army will not assume liability for costs incurred by an attendee or for
travel expenses for attending this Industry Day event.