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Industry Day for C130J Loadmaster/Scanner Crashworthy Seat
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Aug. 8, 2008, 12:07 p.m.
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8 August 08


FROM:330 ACSG/GFKA235 Byron St, Suite 19ARobins AFB, GA 31098-1670

SUBJECT:C-130J Loadmaster/Scanner Crashworthy Seat

Industry Day Forum and Risk Workshop

The C-130J Loadmaster/Scanner Crashworthy Seat Integrated Product Team is pleased to announce the date for the subject forum/workshop. The purpose of this event is to obtain industry’s perspective in order to evaluate the requirement and foster a better understanding of the source selection process. It will be an excellent opportunity to provide inputs and to obtain answers to questions regarding the proposed acquisition. We will begin at 0800 Eastern Time (EST) Thursday, 28 August 2008 for one day. We will resume at 0800 Wednesday 03 Sept 08 and end at 1600 on Thursday, 04 September 2008 Central Standard Time (CST). A draft agenda will be posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, . Although our schedule is for a total of three days, it may conclude earlier.

The forum/workshop will consist of three sessions. The number of participants from each industry team will be limited (as indicated below), and will be available on a first come-first serve basis. Industry team composition is at your discretion and may include subcontractors. Each team should designate one member as the team’s spokesperson as discussions become necessary.

Session 1, Day 1, Thursday 28 August (0800 – 1200 EST):

Risk Management Workshop focus will be on technical requirements.

Limitation: Maximum of 25 work stations is available at the Workshop facility. The number of industry participants per team will be determined by the total responses submitted to the Government by 15 August 2008. Each team will be notified of their status no later 20 August. If more than 25 teams respond, only the first 25 teams will be allowed to participate.

Session 2, Day 2, Wednesday 3 September (0800 – 1700 CST):

Industry Day focus will be on requirement and technical reviews.

Limitation: Three participants per team.

Session 3, Day 3, Thursday 4 September (0800 – 1600 CST):

One-on-One sessions between the Government and industry.

Limitation: Three participants per team

The C-130J Loadmaster/Scanner Crashworthy Seat Risk Assessment Workshop (Day 1) will be held in Bldg 255 at Robins Air Force Base (AFB), Georgia. The Industry Day Forum (Day 2) and One-on-One sessions (Day 3) will be conducted at Little Rock AFB, AR Conference Center. Unclassified tour of aircraft will be conducted on Day 2. Please contact the program manager listed below in order to schedule your participation at each session. One-on-one meetings will last approximately 20 minutes for each team that request a meeting. All questions and answers resulting from the meetings will be posted to unless the participant advises the Government that a question(s) specifically refers to their company’s approach and divulging that information would be detrimental to their company’s competitive advantage.

Industry participation in this workshop is entirely voluntary. The Government does not intend to pay for the information obtained during this event or for the time and expense of the industry participants involved. Furthermore, the Government requires unrestricted use of any information resulting from the forum/workshop sessions. The Government reserves the right to revise the products of the workshop to ensure all user requirements are satisfied. Please do not assume that a contract will result from this effort.

We encourage industry participants with prototypes to bring their products to Industry Day. Registration for a display booth is required due to limited space availability.

To register for C-130J Loadmaster/Scanner Crashworthy Seat Industry Day/Risk Assessment Workshop and a display booth, you must provide the below information and send an e-mail to program manager with an informational copy to program management support . This information is required and MUST be received no later than 1600 EST on 15 August 2008.

SessionName CompanyContact Phone Base Access (Y/N)Booth (Y/N)

We encourage industry teams to submit all of their information in one e-mail. For those participants who do not currently have base access, it is important that the name you provide for registration matches the name on your photo ID. You will be notified by

E-mail which session you can attend. Foreign owned companies must submit a visit request for their representatives to Yvonne Brown, Foreign Disclosure Officer, commercial 478-926-3992, email at least three weeks prior to the visit.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Industry Day Forum/Risk Assessment Workshop. Questions regarding this notification should be directed to program manager Dana Pennell at email above or the undersigned at telephone 478-926-6682.

Lenora Pinkett

Contracting Officer

C-130 Contracts Modification Branch