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July 16, 2021, 8:05 a.m.
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BUILDING STRONG®Virtual Industry Day East Campus Building 5 (ECB5)East Campus Integrated Program OfficeFort Meade, MDUSACE Baltimore District BUILDING STRONG®Rules of the RoadTurn Off VideoMute AudioType Questions in the Chat FeatureNo Discussion on A/E Procurement BUILDING STRONG®AgendaEast Campus OverviewECB5 Project OverviewStatus of the ECB5 AcquisitionEast Campus Lessons LearnedFixed Price Incentive Successive Targets (FPIS) ClauseIndustry Feedback3 BUILDING STRONG®East Campus, Ft. Meade4UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYUNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYBLUM CENTERPS4PS1PS3PS2ICCECB3ECB4ECB5ECB2LASSWELLHALLVCP8EXISTINGECB2ECB3FY2022FUTURE(FY16)(FY19)ECB4(FY22) BUILDING STRONG®5ECB5 Project Scope-BackgroundFY24 MILCON ProjectEast/Central Campus of NSA Exclusive Use AreaLast Building Planned for East Campus and Parking Structure is 1stBuilding for Central CampusSituated on Smallest Parcel of LandSurrounded by Active Construction and Secure Areas BUILDING STRONG®6Supports a Full-service C4ISR Facilities Platform for Defense and Intelligence StakeholdersMulti-functional Facility plus Supporting Structured ParkingInfrastructure and Utility ImprovementsApproximately 800,000 gross square feet for 3,500 WorkforceProgram Amount is $756M Incrementally Funded over 3 Years Beginning FY24ECB5 Project Scope-Program Requirements BUILDING STRONG®7ECI for ECB5Government Control of Design and Construction IntegrationExtensive Stakeholder InvolvementCollaborative Design ProcessProvides Opportunities to Achieve Objectives and Identify Problems EarlyProvides Real-time Pulse of Construction MarketImproves Risk Management by Identifying and Quantifying Risks Early in the DesignBuilder Perspective on Material/System Selections and Coordination of Disciplines BUILDING STRONG®ECB5 –MilestonesSEP 21 -Award A/E ContractJUN 22 -Issue ECI Construction SolicitationNOV 22 -Pre-Construction Services AwardJUN 24 -Construction Option Award8 BUILDING STRONG®Use of D-B-B for ECB1 and the Joint Operations Center (JOC)Design modifications resulted in excessive cost and time growth and reprogramming actionsUse of D-B for ECB2 –ECB4 and High-Performance Computing Center 2Mission –complex, critical, technical requirements difficult to articulate in a narrative within an RFPFFP limits design collaboration and does not incentivize Contractors to partner with the GovernmentGovernment/Contractor disagreements on RFP technical requirementsCritical design elements either missed or not originally provided by Stakeholder resulting in changesMarket ResearchLessons Learned –ECIPO BUILDING STRONG®Contractor ParkingOff-site PrefabricationQuality Action Team (QAT’s) Construction Schedule Review ProcessPersonnel Security Background ChecksEarly Use and Possession Security RequirementsCommissioning Roles, Responsibilities & AuthorityAlternative Acquisition Approaches Lessons Learned –ECIPO BUILDING STRONG®No Fast TrackingIncorporated Elements from GSA ClauseRedline & Clean VersionOne-Time FAR DeviationPreconstruction Services Base –Firm Fixed PriceConstruction Options –Target PriceFPIS Revised Clause BUILDING STRONG®Preconstruction ServicesDesign Review and ConsultationConstructability ReviewsCost EstimatingSubcontractor InputValue Engineering/Cost ControlSchedulingWork PackagesConstruction PhasingRisk Management: Cost, Schedule, QualityClash DetectionMarket TrendsOther items provided they are not A/E services. BUILDING STRONG®Industry FeedbackFPIS ClauseEvaluation CriteriaDraft Solicitation/RFPFuture Industry DaysWhat topics would be useful?Timing?Virtual or In-Person?One-on-One SessionsDesigner of Record Presentation of 15% BUILDING STRONG®Industry participant list will be posted to the announcement: Please submit an email to your Company Name and AttendeesQuestions and/or feedback related to the FPIS Clause:Paula Beck,Erica Eaton,Mimi Vuotto,Questions related to this procurement:Paula Beck,Daria Van Liew, BUILDING STRONG®QUESTIONS/COMMENTSTHANK YOU!