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DVA portland Industry Day Special Notice Phase 2 - Questionnaire.pdf

Posted: Nov. 15, 2022 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.12MB


questionnaire and feedback request related to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) VA Portland Health Care System (VAPORHCS) seismic retrofit & renovation – Phase 2 project. Contractors who attended the industry day are requested to provide written responses addressing various aspects.

The document seeks feedback on proposed evaluation criteria, the release strategy for Phase I and Phase II solicitations, minimum requirements for Phase II proposal development, subcontracting past performance evaluation, and potential industry day or matchmaking sessions for small business vendors. Additionally, it asks for identification of significant risks to project delivery related to labor, material availability, site conditions, environmental compliance, and other factors.

The questionnaire also inquires about recommendations regarding utility services, IT switch setup, integration of medical equipment requirements in the design-build process, and placement of on-site job trailers during construction.

Overall, the document outlines specific questions and areas for feedback from contractors regarding the upcoming Phase 2 project at VA Portland Health Care System. It covers aspects such as evaluation criteria feedback, solicitation release strategy, proposal development requirements, subcontracting goals, risk assessment for project delivery, recommendations on utility services and equipment setup responsibilities, integration of medical equipment requirements in the design-build process, and considerations for on-site job trailer placement. Contractors are required to provide detailed responses by a specified deadline to address these key elements crucial for successful project execution.

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