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Dec. 7, 2020



Industry Day
4 December 2020
DLIFLC: Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the highest quality culturally based foreign language education, training and evaluation to enhance the national security of the United States.

DLIFLC provides culturally based foreign language education, training, evaluation and sustainment to enhance the security of the nation here and abroad.

DLI-Washington: Mission Statement
DLI-Washington provides culturally based language education that inspires confidence and professionalism in military linguists.
DLIFLC Core Competencies

The Big Picture
DLIFLC Headquarters are at the Presidio of Monterey (PoM), CA
DLI-Washington reports directly to the Commandant of DLIFLC

DLI-W Mission & Objectives
Foreign Language Training
Contract Foreign Language Training Program (CFLTP)
Provide other language training support to DLIFLC as needed
Contract instructors for Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) and time-sensitive resident course requirements
Curriculum development for new courses
Development of language support materials for use in the field
Serve as Washington, DC area LNO for DLIFLC in interagency, resourcing, and requirements determination processes
Represent DLIFLC at academic events/organizations
Advanced Russian language and translation training for the Washington-Moscow Direct Communications Link (MOLINK)
Program Considerations
By design, recurring, predictable, "steady state" training requirements are taught at DLIFLC-Monterey
DLI-W's function includes serving as the DLIFLC Economy of Force element for emerging and rapidly changing needs; DLI-W teaches all requirements for languages not taught at Monterey
Training conducted under the CFLTP:
Defense Attach System (DAS) regardless of language
Low Enrollment Languages
Contingency/Rapid Response
All language training is full-time, resident instruction (= no "other duties"); six contact hours per day

Requirement is for resident, full-time (six hours per day) training; typical student load is 200-400 resident students at any given time and 600-700 annually
Approximately 60% of students are officers
Approximately 50% are in abbreviated courses of different lengths
Training under this contract is driven by DoD responsibilities and missions -- driven by world events and United States Government (USG) political-military priorities.
Our Program
Our mission demands face-to-face training and the use of established, professional foreign language schools (with an established educational facility) to perform the training and language supervisory duties defined in the PWS.
Under certain circumstances and contingencies, training may need to move online.
Training is highly unpredictable -- changes such as curtailments, extensions, hiatuses, and class divisions are the norm rather than the exception.
School Code (SC) 219 (less than 10%) -- Forecasted training
School Code (SC) 216 (90%) -- un-forecasted training requirements; requirements received approximately 60 -90 days prior to class start
Our Program
Prepared Student
Quality Instructors
Dynamic Curriculum

Stewardship of Government Resources
CFLTP Languages
Languages in blue are also taught at DLIFLCDLI-W Team
Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs)
4 civilian employees
Manage the contract process for all requirements
Manage daily operations for the contract, including review and approval of invoicing
Academic Advisors 4 civilians (Faculty Personnel System)
Serve as academic Government Technical Monitors/Subject Matter Experts
Academic Liaisons between the schools and DLI-W
Monitor & observe student progression as well as vendor performance
Military Reps -- 3 NCOs (one each from Army, Air Force, Navy)
Responsible for health, morale and welfare of students
Military Liaisons between the schools and DLI-W
Handle military admin tasks (evaluations, discipline, pass/leave, accountability, etc)
Organizational Structure

Academic Advisor (AD-00)

Director (O5)
Administrative Support Specialist (GS-7)
Deputy/Director of Operations (GS-13)
Academic Support Team
Military Support
Academic Advisor (AD-00)
Academic Advisor (AD-00)
Training Administrator
Program Specialist
Testing/Training Assistant
Army SectionAir Force SectionNavy SectionMOLINK
Russian Instructor
Russian Instructor
Administrative Support Team
Training and Testing

IT Support Specialist
Program Specialist
Academic Advisor
Defense Language Institute - Washington