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DLI-W Mission Brief Industry Day Dec 2020.pptx

Posted: Dec. 7, 2020 • Type: .pptx • Size: 2.92MB


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This presentation outlines the mission and objectives of the Defense Language Institute - Washington (DLI-W) as part of an industry day event held on December 4, 2020. The mission of DLI-W is to provide culturally based language education for military linguists to enhance national security.

The core competencies include providing foreign language training through programs like the Contract Foreign Language Training Program (CFLTP), curriculum development, and representation at academic events. DLI-W serves as the DLIFLC "economy of force" element for emerging needs and teaches languages not covered at DLIFLC-Monterey. The training conducted under CFLTP is full-time, resident instruction driven by DoD responsibilities and USG priorities, with a focus on prepared students, quality instructors, dynamic curriculum, and stewardship of government resources.

The program's priorities include ensuring prepared students, quality instructors, dynamic curriculum development, and stewardship of government resources. The DLI-W team consists of a director, representatives, civilian employees managing contract processes, academic advisors serving as technical monitors/experts, military representatives responsible for student welfare, and an organizational structure that includes academic advisors, administrative support specialists, military support personnel, and IT support specialists.

The presentation emphasizes the need for face-to-face training but acknowledges the potential for online training under certain circumstances. DLI-W plays a crucial role in providing essential language education and support to meet evolving defense and national security requirements.

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