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Direct Lease Industry Day Agenda Dec 21st Final Edits w video links (002).docx

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Industry Day Presentation Summary:

The Industry Day presentation was held on December 21, 2023, at Westin Maui and was organized by FEMA Region 9. The event featured various key sessions.

The presentation began with opening remarks by Bob Fenton, the Regional Administrator of FEMA Region 9, followed by a guest speaker session. Jazi Gersi from Piilani Garden Apartments provided insights into the Direct Lease Program and how participants can contribute through a video presentation.

The main sessions covered topics such as the definition of the Direct Lease Program by Demetria Carter, guidance on preparing units by Michelle Williams, and introductions to Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) holders. Industry experts like David Waldbauer, David Greenberg, and Iesha Carmichael also gave presentations.

Additionally, Marcy Martin from Maui County Real Property Tax Office provided a tax incentive overview. The event concluded with breakout sessions for networking and addressing specific questions related to rental property inspections and individual assistance provided by FEMA.

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