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DHS SVIP HPR Topic Call Virtual Industry Day 10NOV2021.pdf

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summary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Silicon Valley Innovation Program's Human Performance & Resiliency Virtual Industry Day held on November 10, 2021. The agenda included sessions on problem framing in technical areas such as AI-enabled mobile apps, sleep recovery/enhancement, and biometric wearables. Keynote speaker Chris Pietrzak provided insights into CBP operations, including statistics on passenger processing, goods movement, and law enforcement activities. The presentation highlighted the importance of human performance optimization within DHS, focusing on areas like injury prevention, physical fitness, and operational risk management. Additionally, discussions covered challenges related to law enforcement culture, fatigue, stress, and resilience among CBP personnel.

The event emphasized leveraging technology to support operator health across mental, physical, and professional aspects along the wellness continuum. Presenters outlined the benefits of AI-enabled mobile apps for DHS personnel well-being and discussed the use of wearable devices for monitoring health information and promoting overall wellness. Sleep and recovery enhancement strategies were also addressed, citing studies on the impact of shift work on agents' fatigue levels. Furthermore, the session on biometric wearables explored challenges in obtaining valid data and sustainable solutions for assessing workloads and training readiness. The Silicon Valley Innovation Program's mission to find cutting-edge solutions for national security challenges was highlighted throughout the event.

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