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Nov. 26, 2019



Implementing DHS Cybersecurity Talent Management System (CTMS)

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer
(OCHCO) Cybersecurity Statutory Authority Program Office (CSAP), is seeking input and
feedback on draft requirements for various aspects of implementation and operation of its
new cybersecurity-focused personnel system.

The DHS Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO) leads a cross-Component effort
to implement a new cybersecurity-focused personnel system, the Cybersecurity Talent
Management System (CTMS), as authorized by the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act of 2014
(P.L. 113-277), which added a new section (codified at 6 U.S.C. 658) to the Homeland Security
Act of 2002. The Secretarys authority allows for a variety of talent management changes,
including alternative methods for defining jobs, conducting hiring, and compensating employees.

In designing CTMS, DHS has revisited some of the foundational theories and structures that
underlie how the Federal Government has managed talent for decades to modernize the civil
service for cybersecurity work. In completing the design of CTMS and preparing for launch,
DHS is pursuing new methods for describing work, identifying and encouraging applicants,
considering time/professional experience, evaluating applicants and employees, and
managing career progression. Therefore, DHS is exploring innovative, agile, and strategic
approaches to the implementation and operation of this system to quickly address
cybersecurity staffing requirements.

Please provide any questions for clarification and responses to Questions for Industry
under Objectives by 12:00PM EST on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 to: Daniel Weingarten
and Phorsha Peel at and

OCHCO CSAP intends to conduct an in-person industry day with follow-up sessions on
December 9, 2019.

Note: Vendors may be asked to attend one-on-one sessions to discuss each objective section.


1: Implementation/Operation The purpose of this objective is to support the continued
design, initial launch, and refinement of the new Cybersecurity Talent Management System
(CTMS) to include assisting OCHCO in ensuring effective operation of CTMS, including all
critical interactions with applicants and employees.

a) Talent Management Strategy Support e.g. Federal human capital policy research,

workforce planning, talent management strategy development, change
management/communications, performance monitoring

b) Talent Experience Support e.g. Applicant management and inquiries, employee
onboarding, employee question and issue resolution, standard operating procedure
development and refinement, operational process assistance, assistance with
compensation and work assignment decisions, provision of development and training

Implementing DHS Cybersecurity Talent Management System (CTMS)

Skills Sought to support this objective:

Expertise and certification in Human Resource (HR) practices across Federal
Government, including those associated the excepted service, rank-in-person
approaches, career/pay progression based on factors in addition to/other than tenure,
and authorities outside of 5 U.S.C. and 5 CFR

Expertise and practical experience in implementing/operating HR practices in the

private industry, with an emphasis on cybersecurity staffing/retention

Expertise in key skills/experience of standard core requirements in HR operations

with emphasis on customer-centric approaches

Demonstrated experience in managing/implementing HR operations with an

applicant-/candidate-/selectee-centric approach

Experience in implementing best practices for recruiting/retaining cybersecurity talent
Practical experience in/knowledge of key factors for successful offer acceptance by

Practical experience in managing professional development to inform compensation

cybersecurity talent

and/or career level changes

Expert recommendations on and ability to provide best range of personnel

experienced/certified in specialties needed to support CTMS

Currently support contracts with DHS, OPM or others for similar services

2: Employment Branding - The purpose of this objective is to assist DHS in designing and
developing employment branding and marketing materials for CTMS to:

a) Generate interest in working on cybersecurity issues at DHS
b) Engage potential applicants and those applicants that have already expressed interest

c) Ensure consistency of message and employment brand experience for applicants,

in a DHS cybersecurity career

employees, and other stakeholders

Skills sought to support this objective:

Expert practical knowledge of advertising, public relations, communications to

develop the strategy and processes for this program

Expertise in developing communications materials and leveraging various

communications outlets/media, including photography and video

Expertise in graphic and web design, including development of visual materials,
including custom content for us in printed materials and digital communications
Experience, including current contract work, with DHS or other federal agencies for

Experience navigating federal approval and review processes for communication

materials, including written and visual content

similar services

3: Talent Acquisition The purpose of this objective is to obtain review and enhance existing
strategies for ensuring sufficient rates of applicants at all career levels likely to possess the

Implementing DHS Cybersecurity Talent Management System (CTMS)

qualifications required by the cybersecurity work supported by CTMS. This will include
benchmarking andas appropriateadopting leading private sector practices for attracting,
sourcing, and recruiting top cybersecurity talent, and assisting in the development and
implementation of strategies and programs to:

a) Ensure a sufficient cybersecurity talent pipeline for CTMS
b) Encourage an applicant pool that reflects America's diversity
c) Maintain staffing connections/networks, including with academic institutions,

professional associations, and similar partners

d) Conduct headhunting/targeted recruitment/executive search, including through the

use of digital tools

Skills sought to support this objective:

Expert practical knowledge of strategies/procedures/tools is essential to this approach
Expert practical knowledge of the skills and capabilities of talent acquisition

experts/recruiters performing such work

Expert practical knowledge of the challenges associated with the cybersecurity labor
market and securing interest/application from cybersecurity/digital technology talent
Experience, including current contract work, with DHS or federal agencies for similar


Questions for Industry:

How might industry approach each of these requirements, i.e., what strategies,
deliverables, and products would best assist the government in achieving results?
Is industry aware of systems, data sources and/or other solutions that might better inform
these requirements?
What are potential achievable milestones for delivering on the purposes of each of these
three requirements?
What gaps does industry see in the outlines of these three requirements that might impede
government success?
DHS welcomes industry recommendations on how OCHCO could best meet these

Other Related Information

This program is ramping up across multiple years, and growth will depend on a

variety of factors, including the Departments ability to address recruiting and hiring
surges. Initial work will focus mainly on needs in the Washington, DC area,
including DHS Headquarters and Component talent requirements. Eventually the
program could evolve to supporting talent requirements from Components

Understanding the Federal NICE framework and existing research on competencies
associated with success in the field of cybersecurity are an important facet to this

Implementing DHS Cybersecurity Talent Management System (CTMS)

The federal DHS project team consists of a relatively small core OCHCO program

office, which interfaces with a complex set of stakeholders, including human capital
and cybersecurity mission leaders across Components.

Coordination and collaboration across contractors supporting this effort is a key

requirement for success.

Consultants will engage with leadership through numerous ongoing meetings and
interviews and daily on-site presence, along with regularly scheduled milestone
report delivery to both the program office or key stakeholders.

All roles/work will be located in Washington, DC.

Success Factors / Measures

DHS is able to improve current performance measures associated with cybersecurity

talent for those positions/employees supported by CTMS:

o Offer acceptance rates
o Retention rates
o Employee engagement indices

CTMS processes are sustainable and integrate refinements regularly to remain

competitive in the cybersecurity labor market

Employees hired using CTMS and related stakeholders have transparent, consistent

communication during the entire employee life-cycle

Cybersecurity personnel within and outside of the federal government are aware

of/interested in the new cybersecurity employment opportunities at DHS


CTMS Cybersecurity Talent Management System
DHS - Department of Homeland Security
NICE Framework National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Cybersecurity Workforce
OCHCO - Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer