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DHA Industry Day Requirements Exchange July 2021Industry Day Question and Answer 1 DHA | Industry Day Question and Answer Italics – transcribed verbal answers Questions for VIP Speakers Lieutenant General Place Question (Q): What innovations is Defense Health Agency (DHA) interested in pursuing to meet their needs and strategic initiatives? Answer (A): DHA is putting out Request for Proposals (RFP) each week and is looking for innovative ideas, whether explicitly asked for or not. We don’t want to constrain the response from our vendors. We are looking for both technological and process innovations that may not fit into an existing requirement. We want to increase accessibility to new technologies. A major strategic priority is focusing on outcomes (e.g., mortality rates, patient safety, error prevention), keeping in mind that our primary beneficiary is the uniformed service member. Q: Given where DHA is in the transition of Military Treatment Facilities (MTF), will there be significant changes in how industry interacts with DHA? A: DHA is a large purchaser of medical products (e.g., medical devices, supplies, and technology). Going forward we will increase purchasing and you will continue to see a push toward a standardization of DHA processes. Seeing an initial RFP in advance of final RFP will help give industry time to prepare responses coming back to DHA. Q: How do you see industry partners providing value to DHA going forward? A: Industry is invaluable. We’re currently getting great value from our investments. We want to encourage engagements in which new competition will be helpful. We also want to hold DHA staff accountable for the quality of service from vendors. We will challenge our own team and ask, “did we fail to set achievable standards?” and “what actions did we take to fix the problem?” This will help open a conversation for awareness. Dr. Butler Q: Does DHA anticipate using a patient engagement system to connect with, educate, survey, and deliver content to patients both in the inpatient and ambulatory settings? A: Yes, tons of education going on for both military and civilian for the development of our healthcare skills in an inpatient setting. Less so on the ambulatory side, but we’re looking to expand this capability over time. Q: As part of the overall transformation, has or would DHA consider improved governance and oversight for care delivery and patient outcomes, such as clinical quality review, payment integrity recovery audit, coordination of benefits for other health insurance, and provider fraud prevention? A. Yes, in all areas. DHA has answered the call to be more efficient and effective in how we deliver our services. Comptroller has asked for savings so that the Secretary can invest in readiness. We want to emphasize radiology; we see how the private sector does radiology and we’d like to integrate and expand on that model. We’ve seen tremendous savings through TRICARE and are looking to expand that into our T5 contract. 2 DHA | Industry Day Question and Answer Questions for Directorates Q: Regarding the submission of a capabilities statement by providers, is there a mechanism to provide this to DHA outside of responding to a specific RFP? A: Yes, capability statements can be submitted to DHA through the Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) at this link: Unsolicited proposals can also be submitted by following the steps in the DHA Unsolicited Proposals Guide attached to this Industry Day announcement. Q: OSBP: How does DHA address technologies seeking acquisition from a small business? A: We will do what we normally do with requirements and look at what the market has to offer. OSBP will use Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) for other technologies that we can bring into DHA and we often discuss other technologies that we can bring into the DHA. Q: OSBP: Is there anticipated future funding to support small businesses in obtaining Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program/Risk Management Framework (FedRAMP/RMF) certification to support effort to obtain authority to operate for Medical Community of Interest (MedCOI) and Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN)? A: We are currently unaware of current or future funding to be allocated for small businesses to become FEDRAMP/RMF certified. Q: DAD-Information Operations (IO): On the Defense Health Headquarters (DHHQ) Site Information Technology (IT) Service Management opportunity - would whoever wins the upcoming EITS-I procurement be unable to compete on the Site IT Service Management opportunity due to Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI)? A: The OCI clause said that whoever was the integrator – whoever it was awarded to – would not be awarded the contract unless there was a mitigation plan in place. Will turn into a Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) in the near future, and the provider would not be able to compete for it. Q: DAD-IO: How is DHA leadership thinking about evaluating and implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications across all your FY 22-26 strategic plan initiatives? Do you see artificial intelligence and machine learning as a transformational technology at DHA? A: For DAD-IO (J-6), as we provide IT capabilities across DHA, we will focus in at the right time if this is an area that will benefit the enterprise. It seems worth integrating as we move along. Q: DAD-IO: Will the J6 allow one-on-one meetings to discuss their opportunities at hand? Also, will there be a Draft RFP released prior to an FRFP and finally, can the J6 identify their requisite contracting officers and specialists for each opportunity to include all contact information to industry? A: As part of RFP process there is always opportunity to ask additional questions. Discussions with any contracting action - that does not include every vendor - simply would not be effective. The purpose of the IDRE is to have these types of discussions. Once an RFP is on the street, everybody will have ample time to ask questions, with the caveat that with any questions asked, the answer will be provided to everybody so that we all have the same 3 DHA | Industry Day Question and Answer information. Furthermore, we have previously had enormous success during market research, working with partners to communicate to get the best responses to RFPs and RFQs. Q: DAD-IO: For the Geographic Service Providers (GSP) - Please clarify if the government intends to have one consolidated contract or four contracts (one for each region referenced on the slide)? A: Expectation was to align with markets across six regions, and so we will see what the vendor community responds with. Could be global vs regional but will continue to do market research. Q: DAD-IO: When will information be posted for Geographic Service Providers (GSP) and DHHQ IT Service Management and Transition to Enterprise IT Support Model? A: The GSP Problem Statement was published to 29JUL. You can find additional information about it at the following link: Additional information regarding DHHQ ITSM will be posted first quarter FY22. Q: DAD-Strategy, Planning and Functional Integration (SPFI): The Analytics and Evaluation Division of SPFI spoke to priorities around data and analytics and measurement and reporting. Can you expand on what is measured/what is measurement - is it clinical measurement, project measurement, or something else? A: We have 1,800 measurements of medical data, measuring readiness and other Knowledge, Skills, and abilities (KSAs) including quality of care, etc. Q: DAD-SPFI: Are you planning an Industry Day for the TRICARE Patient Experience Survey (TPEX)? A: No, there will not be an Industry Day for TPEX. Q: DAD-Research and Development (R&D): Does J-9 anticipate any delays to solicitation announcements or awards due to the DHA reorganization/restructuring efforts that will occur over the next year? A: The DHA Contracting Division anticipates no delays to solicitation announcements or awards at this time due to reorganization/restructuring. However, the potential for delays are always possible given the nature of Department of Defense (DOD) contract laws and regulations. Q: DAD-R&D: Could you please share any updates on the Traumatic Brain Injury Center of Excellence (TBICoE) PM Support contract recompete RFP timing? We understand that a bridge is in progress. A: Current contract re-compete RFP timeline is TBD as discussions are ongoing. DHA-NCR Contracting Office is currently exploring multiple different approaches in order to meet requirements owner’ needs. Q: DAD-R&D: Regarding the Vision Center of Excellence (VCE) Data Scientist and Data Analyst Support, has the final solicitation been issued or has only market research been conducted? Could you also share the solicitation number? A: Both market research and final solicitation for this requirement has been completed. The solicitation number is N00189-18-P-Z124 and the incumbent is Kaihonua, LLC. Q: DAD-R&D: Digitizing Audiograms - Who is the incumbent on the digitization effort and which contract vehicle do you plan to use to acquire these services? A: This will be a new award so there is no incumbent currently for this requirement. 4 DHA | Industry Day Question and Answer Q: DAD-R&D: Will the digitization effort be on site in Northern Virginia and which Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) will be provided? Also, what is the existing backlog and what is the timeline to complete the task? A: This is a direct award to a small business through United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA). The period of performance will be late Sep 2021 to late Sep 2022 with four option periods. No other details can be provided. Q: DAD-R&D: … Show All