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Contract Opportunity
Dec. 14, 2020
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Solicitation Industry Day

1.0 Introduction
Death Valley National Park is inviting product manufacturers (or representatives working in
conjunction with product manufacturers) that specialize in fire alarm and security system
products, to an Industry Day at the Death Valley Scotty Historic District. This is an exciting
opportunity to visit this unique National Park, step into the history of the Scottys Castle
complex, and provide demonstrations for fire alarm and security products. Wireless products are
preferred. Only manufacturers that respond to this solicitation are eligible to participate in the
Industry Day and product demonstrations. The Government will not award any contracts as a
result of this Industry Day activity. Industry Day is scheduled to occur from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
on January 20, 2020. Participants are NOT required to arrive at a specific time in order to
participate but MUST indicate intent to participate as outlined below.


Participants are required to provide notice to the Contracting Officer that they intend to
participate and provide an approximate arrival time. This will allow the National Park
Service (NPS) to have staff available to escort participants into this closed area of the


Please submit contact name, phone number, email, company name, number in your party
and anticipated arrival time at the site to:

Michelle Bennett, Purchasing Agent:; 702-293-8909

Logistics questions can be submitted to:

Bradley Harris, Park Engineer;; 907-440-6074

2.0 Background/Project Description
Death Valley National Park is 3 million acres of federally designated wilderness and boasts the
hottest location on Earth, the driest National Park, and the lowest elevation in North America.
The elements are extreme, which is why extreme measures must be taken for sustainable
infrastructure for the Park, specifically fire alarm and security systems. In 2015, a flash flood
flowed through the Death Valley Scotty Historic District damaging most of its infrastructure.

Currently Death Valley National Park is contracted with an Architect-Engineer firm for a
rehabilitation project for the fire alarm and security systems in multiple buildings onsite.
Specifically, the project will install a multi-loop signaling line circuit (SLC) control unit in a new
demarcation area in the basement of the Gas Tank House. Conduit will then be installed in the

existing utility tunnel system, as required, from the demarcation area to the sites Stables,
Cookhouse, Main House & Annex, Powerhouse, and Chimes Tower.

At each building, a remote power supply will be installed to operate initiation/notification devices.
Initiating devices to be installed include pull stations, smoke and heat detectors, horn/strobes
and other required appurtenances for complete coverage of Death Valley Scotty Historic
District. Existing fire suppression risers will also be upgraded to interface with new equipment,
as needed.

A site-wide security system is currently in-place and reports alarms to the Park Headquarters.
This system will be updated and rehabilitated to provide reliable security including a
combination of door/window contacts, motion detection, and possibly cameras.

Dedicated security alarm control panels in the Stables, Cookhouse, Main House & Annex,
Powerhouse, and Chimes Tower will be installed along with park radio coverage in the utility
tunnels. (Security alarms for the Hacienda and the Visitor Center have been provided under
previous contracts.) These building level panels will be integrated to a site level panel that will
be located in the Hacienda.

The security system will utilize the same conduits as the fire alarm system noted above.

The proposed system must meet and be installed in accordance with the applicable National
Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, NPS standards, Manufacturers
recommendations, and the Secretary of Interior Standards for historic structures. The alarm
systems to be installed at Scottys Castle are intended to be modern, reliable technology that
can be a model for system replacements Park-wide.

3.0 Industry Day
The purpose of Industry Day is for manufacturers to visit the Scottys Castle complex and test
the ability of their products to transmit wirelessly from and to various points within buildings to
minimize the amount of conduit that must be installed within the historic structures. The
manufacturers demonstration and product testing will allow NPS staff and the Architect-
Engineer firm to gain a better understanding of recent industry developments, provide a platform
for open discussion and idea exchange, and ensure that any limits regarding industry
transmission capabilities are accounted for in the development of contract documents for the

Attachment A includes a map identifying the historic buildings within the complex.

The anticipated agenda for Industry Day includes:

Introductions and project overview of the Scottys Castle complex
Manufacturers demonstration and product testing
Recap of project overview
Debrief of product demonstrations and product testing
Discussion and idea exchange

Participants are to check in with NPS staff at the Grapevine Ranger Station, receive a name tag
and be escorted to the complex. Driving directions are included in Attachment B.

The Scottys Castle complex does not have potable water, cell phone service, or a landline
phone. Bottled water will be provided, and portable toilets are available at the site. Park COVID
Risk Management protocol will be reviewed with the participants prior to visiting the site
(included in Attachment C).

4.0 Product Qualifications
Fire alarm and security products should have proven capability to perform well in extremely
remote areas, have low maintenance, minimize impact, and blend into the historic fabric of the
buildings. Wireless devices are preferred in historically sensitive areas to minimize the
installation of new conduit that could detract from the historic nature of the facilities.

5.0 Attachments

Attachment A

Scottys Castle Complex Map

Attachment B

Map & Driving Directions from Pahrump, NV (east), Los Angeles, CA
(south), Fresno, CA (west), and Beatty, NV (north).

Attachment C

COVID-19 Risk Management Protocol

Attachment A11/30/2020

Pahrump, Nevada to Scotty's Castle - Google Maps

Pahrump, Nevada to Scotty's Castle

Drive 115 miles, 2 hr 6 min

Map data 2020

5 mi


Follow Bell Vista Ave, CA-190 W and Scotty's Castle Rd to
Inyo County

1. Head southeast on NV-160 E toward Dunes Dr

2 hr 4 min (115 mi)

2. Turn left onto Panorama Rd

3. Turn left onto S Frontage Rd

4. Turn left onto Dunes Dr

5. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto NV-160 W
Pass by O'Reilly Auto Parts (on the left in 0.8mi)

6. Turn left onto Bell Vista Ave

Entering California

7. Continue onto State Line Rd

8. Turn right onto CA-127 N

9. Turn left onto CA-190 W

10. Turn right onto Scotty's Castle Rd

Drive to your destination

11. Turn left

Restricted usage road

12. Turn left

Restricted usage road

Scotty's Castle
123 Scotty's Castle Rd, California

These directions are for planning purposes only.
You may nd that construction projects, trac,
weather, or other events may cause conditions to
differ from the map results, and you should plan
your route accordingly. You must obey all signs or
notices regarding your route.

0.4 mi

115 ft

0.2 mi

112 ft

4.3 mi

22.3 mi

3.5 mi

0.2 mi

47.3 mi

36.3 mi

0.1 mi

190 ft

1 min (0.1 mi),+Nevada/Scotty's+Castle,+Scotty's+Castle+Road,+California/@36.634847,-116.8894676,10z/am=t/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c6363f86a4ad87:0xcf 1/2

Attachment BGrapevine RangerStation11/30/2020

Los Angeles, CA to Scotty's Castle - Google Maps

Los Angeles, CA to Scotty's Castle

Drive 285 miles, 4 hr 46 min

Map data 2020 Google

20 mi

Los Angeles

Get on US-101 N

1. Head northwest on W 1st St toward N Spring St

3 min (0.7 mi)

2. Turn right onto N Broadway

3. Turn right to merge onto US-101 N toward I-110 N

Take CA-14 N to Redrock Randsburg Rd in Cantil

1 hr 43 min (115 mi)

4. Merge onto US-101 N

5. Keep left to stay on US-101 N

6. Keep left to continue on CA-170 N/State Rte 170

N/Hollywood Fwy, follow signs for Sacramento

7. Use any lane to merge onto I-5 N toward


8. Keep left to stay on I-5 N

9. Keep left at the fork to stay on I-5 N

10. Use the right 3 lanes to take exit 162 for CA-14 N

toward Palmdale/Lancaster

11. Continue onto CA-14 N

12. Keep left to stay on CA-14 N

Pass by Denny's (on the right in 66.8mi)

13. Turn right onto CA-14 N/Midland Trail

Continue on Redrock Randsburg Rd to US-395 N

14. Turn right onto Redrock Randsburg Rd

20 min (20.5 mi)

15. Continue onto Garlock Rd

0.1 mi

0.4 mi

0.2 mi

9.0 mi

1.1 mi

6.1 mi

2.4 mi

5.2 mi

1.5 mi

0.7 mi

1.4 mi

67.4 mi

20.4 mi

12.1 mi

8.3 mi,+CA/Scotty's+Castle,+Scotty's+Castle+Road,+California/@35.5389485,-118.8930816,8z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c2c75ddc27 1/2

Attachment BGrapevine RangerStation11/30/2020

Los Angeles, CA to Scotty's Castle - Google Maps

16. Turn left onto US-395 N

3 min (3.1 mi)

Follow Trona Rd, Trona Wildrose Rd and Panamint Valley Rd
to CA-190 E in Inyo County

1 hr 19 min (74.2 mi)

17. Turn right onto Searles Station Rd/Searles

Station Ctf

18. Continue onto Searles Station Cutoff

19. Turn left onto Trona Rd

20. Turn right onto CA-178 E/Trona Rd

Continue to follow Trona Rd

21. Continue onto Trona Wildrose Rd

22. Turn left onto Panamint Valley Rd

23. Turn right onto CA-190 E (signs for Furnaace