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Contract Opportunity
Dec. 17, 2019



Husbanding Services Provider (HSP)
Multiple Award Contract (MAC)
Industry Day San Diego
9-10 December 2019

Introductions ?
Welcome CAPT Jason Klingenberg
Why a Global HSP MAC CAPT Jerry King
Global HSP MAC Mr. Gary Trimble
GMAC Key Changes Mr. Gary Trimble
Port Tariffs Mr. Gary Trimble
Section L and M of the RFP Mr. Gary Trimble
Standard LOGREQs Mr. Gary Trimble
Pricing Notes/Performance Work Statement Mr. Gary Trimble
Ethics Mr. David Koman

Presented by:
CAPT Jerry King

Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella (FLCSI) Chief of the Contracting Office (CCO)
Dec 9-10, 2019

Mr. Byron Lecates NAVSUP N7
CAPT Doug Mackenzie CNE-CNA-C6F
CDR Timothy Bellott Deputy CNE-CAN-6F
Mr. Scott Porter 5th Fleet HSP Program Manager
Ms. Debbie Lampe 6th Fleet HSP Program Manager
Mr. Rick Bauer FLC Bahrain Director of Contracting
CAPT Jerry King FLCSI Director of Contracting
Mr. Scott Wilkins FLCSI Deputy Director of Contracting
Ms. David Koman FLCSI Legal Counsel
Mr. Gary Trimble FLCSI Fleet Division Director
Mr. Bernard Loeffler FLCSI Husbanding Team Lead

Presented by:
CAPT Jerry King

Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella (FLCSI) Chief of the Contracting Office (CCO)
Dec 9-10, 2019
Global HSP Contract Coverage Current Contracts
Total Port Visits Globally FY18 through FY19 1,543
CENTCOM 2 Regions
AMERICAS 9 Regions
EUCOM 9 Regions
AFRICOM 2 Regions

NAVSUP Global HSP MAC Current Coverage
Why a Global HSP MAC
Presented by:
CAPT Jerry King

FLCSI Chief of the Contracting Office (CCO)
Dec 9-10, 2019
NAVSUP Global HSP MAC - Overview

Why Global HSP MAC - It will provide NAVSUP FLCs the ability to improve Dynamic Force Employment (DFE) responsiveness and ensure NFCs receive a high level of support no matter the port of call across the globe. Additionally, a global strategy will achieve best value, balance cost and performance, increase speed of support, and support HSP program standardization efforts.
Procurement Contracting Office - FLCSI C200 has been designated as the PCO for this effort. Experienced FLCSI HSP leads awarded EUCOM, AFRICOM, and CENTCOM regional MACs.
Contract Type, Proposed Ordering Period, and Estimated Value - FFP IDIQ,10 years, $2B+
Negligible Contractor Opportunity Impact - The number of small business opportunities within the Global HSP MAC will not be impacted. A single proposal requirement will reduce KTR pre-award cost.

Why a Global Multiple Award Contract (GMAC)?
Provide a One Team/One Face approach to all HSP Contractors worldwide to re-iterate the Navys Global HSP Standard.

Reduce the differences in contractual approaches within the various regional basic contracts.

Standardize the solicitation to remove minor differences in the Performance Work Statement (PWS), ELIN, terms and conditions, etc.

Reduce the number of proposals and potential proposal costs of HSP contracts down to one proposal versus multiple for each of the regional contracts.

Centralized Administration of the basic contract to ensure consistency across Fleets and FLCs.

Provide a basis of consistency amongst all AORs for port visit processes and contract language/structure.

Competition Key to success is to have competition for each port visit

Fair and Reasonable Pricing Competition drives fair and reasonable pricing

Contract Oversight Brings the oversight of contract process back to contract professionals

Reduction in price Fair and Open competition drives better pricing

Standard Processes across Fleets/FLCs Increases opportunities for Fair and Open competition

Goals/Success of the GMAC
Husbanding Service Provider (HSP) Support
In FY2019, the HSP Program supported 1951 visits, obligating $139.7 million in service contracts.
Number of Port Visits by Region
2ndFleet 127
3rd Fleet 62
4th Fleet 95
5th Fleet 526
6th Fleet 583
7th Fleet 558
2nd Fleet Port Visits
From FY2012 FY2019
648 Total
Port Visits
to 65 Ports127 visits
to 35 ports
3rd Fleet Port Visits
From FY2012 FY2019
270 Total
Port Visits
To 36 Ports 62 visits
to 26 ports
4th Fleet Port Visits
From FY2012 FY2019
671 Total
Port Visits
to 59 Ports95 visits
to 30 ports
5th Fleet Port Visits
From FY2012 FY2019
4768 Total
Port Visits
To 28 Ports526 visits
to 22 ports
6th Fleet Port Visits
From FY2012 FY2019
3309 Total
Port Visits
To 180 Ports583 visits
to 110 ports
7th Fleet Port Visits
From FY2012 FY2019
3362 Total
Port Visits
To 144 Ports558 visits
to 75 ports
Global HSP MAC
Presented by:
Gary Trimble

FLCSI Fleet Division Director
Dec 9-10, 2019
The purpose of todays industry day is to provide all interested vendors information on the contents of the draft RFP for HSP services and to start the conversation for any questions that may arise with the published RFP.

The information presented during this industry day is considered draft meaning, the approach, ELIN structure, PWS, etc., are not considered final and therefore subject to change as we work through to the official solicitation release and eventual closing date. If there are any discrepancies between this brief and the released RFP, the information in the released RFP will take precedence.

During this meeting, we encourage all vendors to provide as much feedback as possible (open session and/or one-on-one sessions) on any ideas that we present and on any current issues within the functioning HSP contracts that should be addressed in this new contract process.

Individual Meetings will also be used as an opportunity for the Navy to solicit input and feedback from the HSP regarding specific issues that we see as needing reforming moving forward.

Purpose of the Industry Day
Similarities with the Current and Global MAC
Competition is still key to the MAC process and we will continue to find ways to enhance competition as much as possible.

RTOP Process:
RTOP process will remain largely the same with a look at ensuring standardized processes across all FLCs. The Navy is looking at implementing an approach to help with quick turnaround requirements.

Payment Process:
Payments will continue to be made through WAWF/IRAPT.
Differences with the Current and Global MAC
Number of Contracts:
An HSP will be awarded 1 contract instead of up to 6 contracts under the current regional MACs.
The 1 contract award will include all regions of the world for which a contractor bid and was awarded.

Basic Contract Administration:
One FLC will be responsible for administration of the basic contract which will reduce the need to perform multiple duplicate modifications. It will also allow one organization to be responsible for CPARs evaluations.

Each FLC will have ordering authority for port visits occurring in their AOR.

Volumetric Pricing:
The pricing model has been changed to better reflect actual offload amounts.

Ceiling Prices:
The solicitation does not include ceiling prices at the basic contract level.

Published Prices:
The Navy has incorporated a published pricing clause in section H to help establish pricing at the task order level for a specific class of ship in a certain location.

Rolling Admissions:
This will allow the Government to add and remove vendors throughout the anticipated 10 year period to ensure consistent competition. The process is identified as part of the solicitation.

Differences with the Current and Global MAC
Differences with the Current and Global MAC
Daily Rate:
The unit of issue for several services Forklift, Manlift, Cranes has been changed from hourly to day.

Tug Services:
The Navy has changed the unit of issue for Tugs as a job instead of hourly as is the case in most of the current regional contracts.

Reduced the number of ELINS from 470 to about 220.

The regions included in the PWS are similar in structure with the current MAC contracts with some slight variations.

Global MAC Tentative Regions
Global MAC Tentative Regions
Global MAC Tentative Regions
Global MAC Ceiling Values

Presented by:
Gary Trimble

FLCSI Fleet Division Director
Dec 9-10, 2019
Volumetric Pricing
New Volumetric pricing removes the P1, P2 process. New pricing methodology consists of the following:
Price 1 Volumetric Management Fee (VMF) The fixed daily price associated with volumetric offload in accordance with the performance work statement
Price 2 Volumetric Unit Price (VUP) the unit price to be paid per actual amount.
Payment Contractor will be paid the daily VMF x the number of days of service, plus the proposed VUP x the actual quantity offloaded.

Volumetric Pricing
Ordering Procedures
H2 Ordering
Ordering will be done in accordance with FAR 16.505.
Each Fleet Logistic Center (FLC) will issue Request for Task Order Proposals (RTOP) for each port visit in their respective Area of Responsibility (AOR).
RTOP will include the ELINS and Services being ordered for a particular port visit.
RTOPs will be generally sent via email to all HSPs in the region in which the port visit will occur.
HSPs are to respond to the RTOP with the required information as delineated in the RTOP including Fixed Pricing for the required services inline with the pricing information found in section B of the contract.
FLCs will include the evaluation process of awarding the task order in the RTOP information. Price will generally be the deciding