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Sept. 7, 2022
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Headquarters Air Combat Command

Communications Technical
Support Services (CTSS)-V
Industry Day

25 Aug 2022

This Briefing is:


0900 - 0940

Opening Comments
Administrative Details
Ground Rules
AMIC Overview
CTSS-V Program Overview

Ms. Judy Seay
ACC AMIC, Program Manager

0940 - 1000

CTSS-V Strategy and Solicitation

Mr. Michael Adams
ACC AMIC, Contracting Officer

1000 - 1015

Break and Finalize Questions

1015 - 1100

Open Forum Questions

Government Panel

25-26 Aug 22

One on One Sessions

(By Appointment Only)

Government Team

AFCENT/A6 Requirement Owner

AFCENT/A6X Requirements OIC

1Lt Ikerria Sanders

AFCENT/A6 Resource Manager and CTSS-III COR

TSgt Jesse Kaspala

AFCENT/A6 Communications Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Joe Waldron, Contractor

Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC)

Deputy Director, Contracting (PK)

Ms. Della Shelton

Deputy Director, Program Management (PM)

Mr. Steve Lahr

Division Chief, AFCENT Support-Contracting

Ms. Lisa Pena

Division Chief, AFCENT Support-Program Management

Mr. Dennis Phillippe

CTSS-III Program Manager (PM) / CTSS-V Project Lead

Ms. Judy Seay

Legal Advisor

Contracting Officer (CO)

Contract Manager (CM)

Program Manager

Small Business Advisor

Quality Manager (QM)

Cyber Functional

Logistics Functional

Ms. Cheronne Wilson

Mr. Michael Adams

Ms. Pat Lucas

Ms. Michelle Rumschlag

Ms. Lorie Henderson

Ms. Antoinea Toni Noble

Mr. Jay Joubert

MSgt Christopher Leon

Administrative Details


Silence all devices
Use the Raise Hand feature to be recognized
Keep microphones muted unless speaking Ensure name and company are included in your Zoom profile

Introduce yourself prior to comments to forum

Industry day proceedings will be recorded in their entirety

Ground Rules

No classified information will be discussed

Industry Day is part of Market Research

Means to foster understanding and cultivate open


Verbal responses from the Government during the Open

Forum and One-on-Ones are UNOFFICIAL

All comments are within scope of Market Research and

should not be used as basis for proposal creation

Ground Rules, contd

Materials being presented are in draft form and may
change in whole or part prior to the final Request for
Proposal (RFP)

Recommendations received from Industry resulting from

this event may be considered in formulation of the
Governments acquisition strategy

A company does not have to be present at this event to

propose on the CTSS-V solicitation

While Industry Day provides potential Offerors insight into
the CTSS-V requirement, Offerors shall rely only on the
Final RFP when submitting a proposal

Ground Rules, contd

Questions during the Open Forum


Submit via public chat feature to Pat Lucas


Submit to Pat Lucas via private chat or email at

After Industry Day the Government will post to
Non-proprietary questions and official Government responses
Industry Day brief

Address all future communications to:

CO: Michael Adams,
CM: Pat Lucas,

AMIC Overview

Direct Reporting Unit to the Deputy Commander of Air

Combat Command (ACC)

Over 400 personnel in various functional areas:

Program Management
Quality Assurance
Subject Matter Experts (Civil Engineering, Logistics,

Communications, Finance, Small Business)

Manage over 200 acquisitions consisting of more than

5,000 contractors in 61 locations world-wide

Total portfolio value $20B

AMIC Organization

CTSS-V Program Overview

Program Overview


Scope of Work


Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) Statement

of Work (SOW) Overview

Program Risks


U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) is a unified combatant
command responsible for protecting American security
interests in the Southwest Asia area of responsibility (AOR)

Ninth Air Force (9AF) Air Forces Central Command

(AFCENT) is the air component of CENTCOM and provides
air, space and cyberspace capabilities

AFCENT Directorate of Communications (AFCENT/A6)

supports CENTCOM with mission critical communications
support for more than 90,000 personnel

Scope of Work

Provide stable, long-term mission critical

communications and information technology (COMM/IT)
support within the CENTCOM AOR

Provide COMM/IT planning and subject matter expertise to
AFCENT A6 and AFFOR at Shaw AFB and Al Udeid AB,

Augment and provide COMM/IT continuity of operations in

partnership with Expeditionary Communications Squadrons
within the CENTCOM AOR

Provide turnkey execution of military and commercial
Satellite Communications (SATCOM) and Wide Area
Network (WAN) Transport at CONUS and multiple OCONUS
locations within the CENTCOM AOR



OCONUS: Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE

IDIQ SOW Overview

Program Management Organization

Encompass all operations necessary to execute dynamic, large-

scale, multi-functional program

Provide administration and management for the overarching IDIQ

and all awarded Task Orders

Led by the Contractors Program Manager

Task Order Leads

Ensures all task order requirements are met
Provides management and oversight of contractor deployed
workforce in the execution and performance of all task order

Quality Management System (QMS)

Certified to ISO 9001 and 27001 standards
Full-time/dedicated Quality Management Representative (QMR)

IDIQ SOW Overview

Functional Support Tasks:

Communications Management and Planning

Communications and Planning
Command and Control (C2) Radio and Airfield Systems
Command, Control, Communication, and Computer (C4) Planning


Theater System Program Management

Communications Engineering

WAN Transport
AOR Wide Engineering
Radio Frequency Engineering Network Engineering Local Area Network (LAN)

Inside/Outside Cable Plant Engineering

Knowledge Operations Management

SharePoint Operations
Base Records Management

IDIQ SOW Overview

Functional Support Tasks, contd:

Cyber Systems Operations
Systems Administration

Cyber Transport

Technical Control
Circuit Actions
Network Operations
Strategic Defense Switched Network (DSN)
Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN)
Video Teleconference (VTC)
Contingency Communications

Client Systems
Help Desk
Client Systems Technical Support
Telephone Operator

IDIQ SOW Overview

Functional Support Tasks, contd:

Cyber Surety

Cyber Security
Telecommunications and Electrical Machinery Protected from

Emanations Security (TEMPEST)

COMSEC Management
COMSEC Responsible Officer (CRO)

Radio Frequency (RF) Transmission Systems

Microwave Line of Sight (LOS)
Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Emergency Mass Notification System
(EMNS) and Giant Voice (GV)

High Frequency (FH) / Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) / Very-High

Frequency (VHF)

Personal Wireless Communications (PWC)

Spectrum Operations

IDIQ SOW Overview

Functional Support Tasks, contd:

Cable and Antenna Systems

Infrastructure Quality Control and Documentation
Inside/Outside (I/O) Cable Plant
Cable Television (CATV)


AOR Logistics Coordination and A6 Warehouse Support

Logistics Coordination-Squadron Level
Logistics Coordination-AFCENT/A6

Overarching Support Tasks:

Technical Support (drawings/designs)
Technical Operations (operations, maintenance, sustainment)
Master Station Logs (MSLs)
Maintenance (PMIs)
Unscheduled Maintenance
Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

IDIQ SOW Overview

Overarching Support Tasks, contd:
Technical Support (drawings/designs)
Technical Operations (operations, maintenance, sustainment)
Master Station Logs (MSLs)
Maintenance (PMIs)
Unscheduled Maintenance
Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
Services Outage Coordination
Warning, Minor and Major Alarms
Availability and Reliability
Outages, Response and On-Call (24/7/365 on-call support)
Configuration Management
Equipment Inspection
Property/Inventory Tracking

IDIQ SOW Overview

Overarching Support Tasks, contd:

Warranty and Material Inventory
Spare and Defective Parts and Components
Compliance with Communications Directives
Trouble Ticketing System
Maintain certifications (DOD 8570)

IDIQ SOW Overview

Other Performance Requirements

Meet IDIQ retention rate of 90% or higher
Meet staffing levels identified within each Task Order Work Hours

IA Workforce/Cybersecurity Certifications IAW DOD 8570

May be assigned to work any shift; local Commander discretion

40-hr week


60-hr week; no on-base lodging; 6-day work week; shifts
72-hr week; on-base lodging; non-standard work week;


IDIQ SOW Overview

Other Performance Requirements, contd

Contractor support categories:

Augment: partner with active duty COMM/IT rotational/

deployed personnel

Turnkey: provide and implement all services necessary to

meet performance objectives

Key Personnel

30 Government Identified/Directed
Contractor may propose additional
CONUS vacancies for key personnel < 25 calendar days
OCONUS vacancies for key personnel < 45 calendar days

60-day Transition-In

IDIQ SOW Overview


Adhere to DOD Foreign Clearance Guide for Theater and

Country clearance requirements

Must process through a combat readiness center (CRC) or

government authorized equivalent, when deploying for >30 days

Responsible for all Host Nation country entry and work


OCONUS allowances shall not exceed the allowances