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June 8, 2020
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DHS Responses to Industry Questions
CSOP COVID-19 Industry Day Webinar held June 3, 2020

Can the proposal be less than 12 pages?

Does the 12 pages for the proposal include attachments?

Response: The 12 pages does not include attachments. It is the governments intent to streamline the
proposal and review process; specifically, to reduce offerors bid and proposal cost and to minimize the
amount of time for the technical peer review team to review offerors submissions. Therefore, please
keep this in mind when submitting more than twelve pages with attachments.

Response: The proposal can be less than 12 pages. However, please ensure that you have thoroughly
answered the technical questionnaire.

Q3. Will the COV-19 effect the fiscal year schedule to where it may have to be extended?

Response: There is no indication that a change to the end of fiscal year will occur, or that our fiscal year
spend will be negatively impacted by COVID-19. In fact, a comparison of spend to date shows that we
have obligated more of our FY 2020 budget than we had our FY 2019 budget as of this date across fiscal

Q4. Will you fund development? If so, what TRL to start and end and what time frame?

Response: The Commercial Solutions Opening Pilot Program authority does permit awards of innovative
commercial products that include research and development. Should DHS identify a proposed
innovative commercial product that is in the research and development phase, there would be flexibility
in what TRL phase a program office would accept. This would be dependent on the proposed innovative
commercial product having mission applicability and technical merit, and the determination that the
offerors business is viable, as well as the identification of funding to support an award. DHS
Components do have the authority to reprogram funds for Science and Technology programs and
projects, so support for developmental efforts that align to DHS Component mission requirements can
be put in place.

Response: Yes, but offeror must respond from their initial submission e-mail with the update and
document the proposal submission as UPDATED SUBMISSION to avoid duplicative reviews. The
vendor should specify this new submission REPLACES their prior submission.

Q6. Where is the requirements document / RFP?

Response: The Solicitation COVID-19 CSOP - CSOP-HQ-CV-20-00001 can be at

Q7. Will we be provided a customer or TPOC? Or do we need to source our own?

Response: If the offerors proposed innovative commercial product is selected to advance to Phase 2,
the contracting officer will communicate to the officer providing instructions for engagement.

Can we make changes on our previous submissions?

DHS Responses to Industry Questions
CSOP COVID-19 Industry Day Webinar held June 3, 2020

How many total awards are going to be made?

Q8. What comprises "other IT" that is not also a service?

Response: The broad category of Other IT included the following proposed innovative commercial
products: automation tools; data inventory, process, and workflow management platforms;
autonomous service robotics; mobile networks, and health information management platforms. DHS is
interested in the resultant products, not the associated services, should an award be made which
utilizes the Commercial Solutions Opening Pilot Program authority.

Response: The actual number and value of awards under this CSOP agreement will be at the discretion
of DHS, based on the merit of the proposals received, relevance to the mission, schedule, and the
availability of funds.


Response: Yes, the qualifications [quals] of multiple vendors/offerors can be used and one entity, if the
proposed product meets the definition of the CSOP authority.

Q11. How can one check to find out the status of their submitted proposal - especially those

Can the quals of multiple vendors/offerors be used as one entity?

submitted in April and early May?

Response: Please send an email to for the status of offerors submission.

Q12. Will DHS be performing its own testing for COVID-19 or rely on the lab partner?

Response: This is a topic under discussion and no decision has yet been made.

Q13. Will DHS be testing its workforce and if yes, in what order/sequence and for what objective?

Response: This is a topic under discussion and no decision has yet been made.

Q14. Will DHS only utilize the testing technology and kits that are designed and manufactured within

USA and if yes, do they require FDA EUA or other certification/notice?

Response: If/when DHS decides to test personnel or individuals in custody, only FDA approved testing
kits/technology will be used.

Q15. How will Intellectual Property of innovative biotech solutions be protected/shared between the

DHS and the Vendor?

Response: In accordance with the solicitation, intellectual property rights shall be negotiated prior to a
resulting contract award with those Offerors selected for award. The mutually agreed upon intellectual
property terms and conditions will be incorporated at the time of award.

DHS Responses to Industry Questions
CSOP COVID-19 Industry Day Webinar held June 3, 2020

Q16. How can we get on the LIST if we meet the first three criteria?

Response: Please submit your proposal (response to Technical Questionnaire) to

Q17. Are you looking for a round the clock/24h individual contact trace or only during hours at work?

Response: At the present time, should DHS implement a contact tracing program, DHS will only be

reaching out directly to employees during their working hours. As the situation evolves, DHS would

adjust accordingly.


If our products can address some gaps (which weren't previously identified) but submission
didn't address gaps, will there be a chance to address the gaps before our products are

Response: See response to question 6.

Q19. Would DHS be considering ongoing screenings of the frontline staff for the existence of the

antibodies as a possible limiting factor for infection?

Response: Use of antibody tests is under consideration but no decision has yet been made. There is
concern with the reliability of this type of test and questions remain regarding long-term immunity from
the SARS-CoV-2 virus. FDA would be the lead federal agency on development of antibody tests since it
involves human testing prior to approval/use authorization.

Q20. Where do we submit unsolicited proposals?

Response: please follow the instructions and submit unsolicited proposals through:

Q21. Will DHS consider continuous testing and screening of its frontline staff for COVID-19 and other

contagious diseases?

Response: This is a topic under discussion and no decision has yet been made.

Q22. When will DHS be ready to purchase mobile disinfection units?

Response: Proposals will be reviewed in accordance with the solicitation. Purchase decisions are based
on peer review findings, negotiations with offerors in Phase 2, and available funding.

Q23. We previously sent in 2 proposals for technology, when will decisions on those proposals be


Response: See response to question number 11

DHS Responses to Industry Questions
CSOP COVID-19 Industry Day Webinar held June 3, 2020
Q24. Besides the IT services are proposals, which are in abundance by various vendors, will DHS be

able to review health diagnostics offerings and innovative scientific testing for COVID-19?

Response: DHS doesnt develop or plan to develop any health diagnostics or diagnostic related
equipment. DHS has partnered with HHS/ASPR/BARDA COVID-19 response efforts and pays close
attention to diagnostics related proposals and is aware of existing and emerging technologies in this

Q25. What interest in noncontact TSA passenger screening?

Response: TSA has significant interest in solutions that enable TSA to conduct contactless screening of
passengers, passenger baggage, and passenger identification verification.


So, is DHS considering unsolicited proposals for services related to cyber security issues
surrounding Covid-19?

Response: Yes, but the process will be conducted outside of the CSOP authority. Also see response to

question number 20.

Can we submit multiple responses if we have different solutions that we would like considered?


Responses: Yes, an offeror can submit multiple responses for different solutions.


Response: Yes, R&D is included in the CSOP authority.

Q29. Will DHS be teaming up/contracting CLIA certified, diagnostics labs with various testing

To John's point - can the CSOP be used for R&D funding for COVID-19 quick response tests?


Is DHS interested in standoff temperature measurement or portable rapid disinfection

Answer: This is a topic under discussion and no decision has yet been made.


Response: Generally, yes; however, as mentioned during the CSOP COVID-19 Industry Day, numerous
solutions have been submitted in this area and DHS is considering both innovative commercial products
submitted under CSOP as well as existing products readily available in the commercial marketplace to
meet known mission needs in these areas.


Is this current CSOP only focused on considering commercial solutions that are directly
applicable to the current pandemic recovery, or does it also welcome innovative solutions that
will address closing response gaps for future pandemics? If not, should we contact Polly with