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Contract Opportunity
Nov. 22, 2019
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Combat Rescue Helicopter (CRH)
Capability Upgrades (CU) Industry Day
20 Nov 19
Captain Tony Konakowitz, Program Manager
Abby Hoefler, Contracting Officer
Nothing stated in this meeting is contractually binding
Any dialogs or suggested information at this Industry Day pertaining to the proposed effort is for discussion purposes only and is subject to change
The US Government (USG) is not liable for any costs incurred prior to contract award
All information pertinent to this meeting will be posted to the Government Point of Entry (GPE)including this presentation (with the exception to For Official Use Only (FOUO) sensitive information)Administrative Remarks
Campus hours are 0700 1700, Mon - Fri
Park in designated Employee/Student Parking
Do not park in Visitor or 2-Hour lots
Breakfast 0730 -0930
Lunch 1100 -1300
Cafeteria closes at 1330Welcome Remarks
CRH Division Leadership

Industry Day Overview
20 Nov 19:
0830: Opening Remarks
0845: Ground Rules and Communication
0855: CRH CU Program Overview
0915: Prelim CRH CU Contract Overview
0930: Q&A Session
0950: Break
1000: One/One Session #1
1100: One/One Session #2
1300: One/One Session #3
1400: One/One Session #4
1500: One/One Session #5
1600: One/One Session #6

Industry Day Overview
21 Nov 19:
0800: One/One Session #7
0900: One/One Session #8
1000: One/One Session #9
1100: One/One Session #10
1300: One/One Session #11
1400: One/One Session #12
1500: One/One Session #13
1600: One/One Session #14Industry Day Ground Rules
Industry Day and all embedded discussions will be UNCLASSIFIED
All attendees are required to sign in
No recording devices or cameras permitted
Please silence your cell phones
It is the contractors responsibility to identify when discussions enter into proprietary or company sensitive territory
Absent that, minutes from all discussions (i.e., general and/or one-on-one) will be posted to the GPE
Schedule of one/one sessions will be posted at sign-in desk
No changes to One/One session schedule without PCO approvalIndustry Day Communication
All questions (either during General or One/One sessions) must be submitted in writing
Question forms are available in meeting roomforward to Admin team (Ms. Yeaste and Mr. Valdez)
Follow-up questions may be submitted NLT 1200 on 22 Nov to:
All questions and answers will be posted to the GPE
There will be NO sidebar discussions between Government and potential offerors separate from the One/One sessions
USG will attempt to answer all questions but reserves right to decide what will be answered in a public forum
No agreements, promises, or other commitments are made or implied by USG or industry representatives participating in this meeting
Competition sensitive information will not be posted to the GPE
If you believe there may be an Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) per FAR 9.5, please contact the PCO (Ms. Hoefler)
A&AS support has NDAs on fileCapt Tony Konakowitz
CRH Capability Upgrades Program ManagerCRH Program Overview

Advanced Combat Search and Rescue rotary wing, dual-piloted, multi-engine, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
Based on in-production UH-60M helicopter
Delivers updated vertical lift and command and control communications technology for USAF personnel recovery mission requirements
Increased aircraft performance, improved survivability/mission effectiveness
Program of record: 113 aircraft
Competitively awarded contract with pre-priced production orders
Key EMD deliverables: Four (4) EMD/five (5) System Demonstration Test Articles (SDTA)
Nine developmental systems to be retrofit to production configuration
USAF authorized one (1) additional flight test aircraft
Key production deliverables: 103 air vehicles
CRH System includes Air Vehicle, Product Support, & Training Systems
Training Systems comprise Aircrew Training Devices, Maintenance Training Devices, courseware, required Support Equipment, and Technical DataCRH Program Overview

Legacy (UH-60M) or NDI


HH-60W new/modified
Integration program: 77% legacy/NDI, 23% new/modifiedMS C completed 24 Sep 19
LRIP Lot 1 Awarded 24 Sep 19
Up to 7 production lots (FY21 - FY29)
EMD ongoing
DT/OT ongoing

CRH Program Status Capability Upgrades Background
Requirements for CRH program were baselined in 2012 - prior to award of Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) order
Codified in Capability Development Document for USAF Personnel Recovery HH-60 Recapitalization Aircraft
Baseline has served as foundation for EMD and will be employed as footing for production of 113 air vehicles
During EMD execution, operational requirements have continued to evolve
Capability Upgrades Execution
CRH program office and Air Combat Command (ACC) execute pre-defined processes to identify capability growth candidates
Candidate identification aligned to annual Program Objective Memorandum cycle
Preliminary candidate set identified in Table 1 of Sources Sought Synopsis
Candidate set is subject to change
Capability Upgrades Execution
Development/execution may encompass:
Pre-production work
Trial kit installation
Development Testing/Operational Testing support
Technical support of Government-led operational testing (as required)
Kit build/delivery/install
May include:
Sikorsky production-line cut-in
Post-production modification
Retrofit kit install
Technical Data Package (TDP) and Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) delivery
Product Support (all 12 elements)
Effort covers Air Vehicle & Training Systems upgrades
Capability Upgrades Execution
Development and production will emphasize the following tenets:
Hardware and software development via agile, tailored systems engineering and development processes
Integrated versus federated design and installation
Emphasis on use of non-proprietary software and modular open systems architecture
Air vehicle and training system concurrency
Field supportable solutions
Appropriate TDPs and TCTOs
Capability Upgrades Execution A New Way of Thinking
Captures the lessons learned and time-certain fielding from multiple Program Offices
Fleet Mods

Continuous Lab Test
Continuous Flight Test

Capability 1
Capability 3
Capability 2
Capability 4

Capability Backlog
Software Development
Hardware Development
Continuous Test
Fleet Delivery

Optional Releases
Sprint Cadence


Capability Developed in
Priority OrderHW+SW

Ms. Abby Hoefler
CRH Capability Upgrades Contracting Officer FAR Part 10 market research currently ongoing
Focus is to gauge industry capabilities and interest
Results will drive final form of acquisition and contract strategy
No additional Requests for Information/Synopses anticipated
Single award via FAR Part 15 procedures is anticipated
C Contract and Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract structures under consideration
CU contract will employ flexibility for all contract types (i.e., Cost Plus and Fixed Price)
Contract period of performance is TBD
If ID/IQ, initial contract actions will encompass parallel basic and Delivery Order (DO) #1 Requests for Proposal
Basic contract limited to terms and conditions
Execution exercised at DO-level

Prelim Capability Upgrades Contract OverviewDRAFT pre-award timeline
Industry Day #1: 20-21 Nov 19
Industry Day #2 (tentative): Mar 20
DRAFT RFP releases: Apr 20
Final RFP releases: May 20
Contract award: Sep 21
NOTE: Schedule is subject to change

Prelim Capability Upgrades Contract OverviewROE One on One Sessions
Objective: Allow prospective industry source to:
Summarize qualifications and capabilities in response to Government requirement
Review gaps/risks in response to draft requirement set
Present questions and/or seek clarifications
Each session will last a maximum of 50 minutes (to include discussion) and will be limited to 3 industry attendees
It is industry sources responsibility to identify when discussions enter into proprietary or company sensitive territory
Summary of all discussions will be posted to the GPE within 72 hours of Industry Day

Posted Schedule Will Be Strictly EnforcedMORNING WRAP-UP